Laser Development & Industrial Applications Division

The mandate of Laser Development & Industrial Applications Division (LDIAD) is to pursue research and developmental work on advanced solid-state laser systems. This involves intricate technological challenges such as development of laser based instruments and supporting technology, novel materials growth and processing issues related to semiconductor diode laser, detectors and nanostructures, making optical fibers, sensors using optical fibers, power electronics and its controls etc. The activities of this division is not only limited to R&D of new systems but also to upgrade the already existing technologies and to supply the engineered product to end users on turn key basis. The major mandate of SSLD is the usage of high power solid state laser for industrial applications within as well as outside DAE.

For more details, please contact:

Dr. K.S. Bindra
Head, Laser Development & Industrial Applications Division
Phone: +91-731-2442317(Off)
Email: bindra (at)

Content Manager: Dr. Chandra Pal Singh
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