List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 2019

By Author(A-Z)

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1.         Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            All-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars using Advanced

            LIGO O2 data

            Physical Review D, 100 1-26 (2019)

2.         Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            All-sky search for long-duration gravitational-wave transients in the second Advanced LIGO

            observing run

            Physical Review D, 99 104033 (2019)

3.         Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            All-sky search for short gravitational-wave bursts in the second AdvancedLIGO and Advanced

             Virgo run

            Physical Review D, 100 024017(1-18) (2019)

4.         Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Binary Black Hole Population Properties Inferred from the First and Second Observing Runs of

             Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo

            Astrophysical Journal Letters, 882 1-37 (2019)

5.         Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Constraining the p-Mode-g-Mode Tidal Instability with GW170817

            Physical Review Letters, 122 061104(1-12) (2019)

6.         Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Directional limits on persistent gravitational waves using data from Advanced LIGO's first two

            observing runs

            Physical Review D, 100 062001 (2019)

7.         Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            GWTC-1: A Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog of Compact Binary Mergers Observedby

            LIGO and Virgo during the First and Second Observing Runs

            Physical Review X, 9 031040(1-9) (2019)

8.         Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Low-latency Gravitational-wave Alerts for Multimessenger Astronomy during the Second

            Advanced LIGO and Virgo Observing Run

            The Astrophysical Journal, 875 161(1-20) (2019)

9.         Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Narrow-band search for gravitational waves from known pulsars using the second LIGO

            observing run

            Physical Review D, 99 1-20 (2019)

10.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Properties of the Binary Neutron Star Merger GW17081  7

            Physical Review X, 9 011001(1-32) (2019)

11.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Search for Eccentric Binary Black Hole Mergers with Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo

            during Their First and Second Observing Runs

            The Astrophysical Journal, 883 1-10 (2019)

12.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Search for Gravitational Waves from a Long-lived Remnant of the Binary Neutron Star Merger


            The Astrophysical Journal, 875 (2019)

13.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Search for gravitational waves from Scorpius X-1 in the second Advanced LIGO observing run

             with an improved hidden Markov model

            Physical Review D, 100 (2019)

14.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Search for Gravitational-wave Signals Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts during the Second

            Observing Run of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo

            The Astrophysical Journal, 886 (2019)

15.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Search for intermediate mass black hole binaries in the first and second observing runs of the

            Advanced LIGO and Virgo network

            Physical Review D, 100 064064 (2019)

16.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Search for Subsolar Mass Ultracompact Binaries in Advanced LIGO's Second Observing Run

            Physical Review Letters, 123 18 2019(1-13) (2019)

17.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Search for the isotropic stochastic background using data from Advanced LIGO's second

            observing run

            Physical Review D, 100 (2019)

18.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Search for Transient Gravitational-wave Signals Associated with Magnetar Bursts during

            Advanced LIGO's Second Observing Run

            Astrophysical Journal, 874 163 (2019)

19.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Searches for Continuous Gravitational Waves from 15 Supernova Remnants and Fomalhaut b

            with Advanced LIGO

            Astrophysical Journal, 875 122 (2019)

20.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Searches for Gravitational Waves from Known Pulsars at Two Harmonics in 2015-2017 LIGO Data (vol 879, 10, 2019)

            Astrophysical Journal, 882 1-13 (2019)

21.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Tests of General Relativity with GW170817

            Physical Review Letters, 123 1-15 (2019)

22.       Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Tests of general relativity with the binary black hole signals from the LIGO-Virgo catalog


            Physical Review D, 100 104036 (2019)

23.       Abharana N.*, Biswas A.*, Sarkar P.*, Rai S., Singh S.*, Kumar S.*, Jha S.N.*,

            Bhattacharyya D.*

            Effect of argon-nitrogen mixed ambient Ni sputtering on the interface diffusion of Ni/Ti periodic

            multilayers and supermirrors

            Vacuum, 169 043105(1-10) (2019)

24.       Abharana N.*, Modi M.H. et al.

            Interface studies of Mo/Si multilayers with carbon diffusion barrier by grazing incidence

            extended X-ray absorption fine structure

            Thin Solid Films, 673 126-135 (2019)

25.       Agarwal C.*, Singh M.*, Sharma R.*, Sagdeo A., Csoka L.*

            In Situ Green Synthesis and Functionalization of Reduced Graphene Oxide on Cellulose Fibers

            by Cannabis sativa L. Extract

            Materials Performance and Characterization, 8 (2019)

26.       Aggarwal, R.,  Ingale, A.A., Dixit, V.K., Sathe, V.*

            Raman spectroscopy investigation of inter-diffusion in GaP/Ge (111) heterostructures

            Superlattices and Microstructures, 125 190-197 (2019)

27.       Ahlawat A., Khan A.A., Deshmukh P., Tripathi M.*, Shirolkar M.M.*, Satapathy S., Choudhary R.J., Karnal A.K.

            A detailed study of magnetization and magnetoelectric effect in P(VDF-TrFe) based SmFeOnanocomposites

            Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 30 17765-17772 (2019)

28.       Ahlawat M., Pareek P., Shinde R.S.

            Improved reflection technique for the permittivity measurement of ferrites using slotted coaxial


            Measurement, 134 721-729 (2019)

29.       Ajimsha R.S., Das A.K., Sahu V.K., Misra P.

            Disorder Driven Weak Localization and Phase Coherent Electron Transport in Ga Doped

            (Zn:V)O Thin Films

            Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, 8 Q61-Q65 (2019)

30.       Albert, A.*,  Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al.

            Search for Multimessenger Sources of Gravitational Waves and High-energy Neutrinos with

            Advanced LIGO during Its First Observing Run, ANTARES, and IceCube

            Astrophysical Journal, 870 1538-4357 (2019)

31.       Antony A.*, Poornesh P.*, Kityk I.V.*, Myronchuk G.*, Sanjeev D.*, Petwal V.C., Verma V.P., Dwivedi J.

            A study of 8 MeV e-beam on localized defect states in ZnO nanostructures and its role on

            photoluminescence and third harmonic generation

            Journal of Luminescence, 207 321-332 (2019)

32.       Antony A.*, Poornesh P.*, Kityk I.V.*, Ozga K.*, Jedryka J.*, Philip R.*, Sanjeev G.*,

            Petwal V.C., Verma V.P., Dwivedi J.

            Methodical engineering of defects in Mn X Zn 1-X O(x = 0.03, and 0.05) nanostructures by

            electron beam for nonlinear optical applications: A new insight

            Ceramics International, 45 8988-8999 (2019)

33.       Antony, A.*, Dwivedi, J. et al.

            An electron beam induced study in fluorine doped ZnO nanostructures for optical filtering and

            frequency conversion application

            Optics and Laser Technology, 115 519-530 (2019)




34.          Bakthavatchalam M.*, Tiwari M.K. et al.

               Morphological and elemental mapping of gallstones using synchrotron microtomography and

               synchrotron Xray  fluorescence spectroscopy

               journal of gastroenterology and hepatology, 3 381-387 (2019)

35.          Banerjee C., Singh M.P.

               Transient and pretransient stages in a field induced phase transition of the vacuum state

               Physical Review D, 100 056016(1-11) (2019)

36.          Baral M., Chakrabarti A.

               Half-metallicity versus symmetry in half-Heusler alloys based on Pt, Ni, and Co: An ab initio


               Physical Review B, 99 205136(1-20) (2019)

37.          Baral M., Chattopadhyay M.K., Jangir R., Chakrabarti A., Ganguli T.

               Presence of atomic disorder and its effect on the magnetic and electronic properties of NiCrGa

               half Heusler alloy

               Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Material, 475 675-682 (2019)

38.          Barman S.R.*, Chakrabarti A.

               Enhancement of the density of states at the Fermi level due to oxygen atoms in noble metals

               Solid State Communications, 296 37-41 (2019)

39.          Benarji K.*, Kumar Y.R.*, Paul C.P., Jinoop A.N., Bindra K.S.

               Parametric investigation and characterization on SS316 built by laser-assisted directed energy


               Journal of Materials: Design and Applications, * (2019)

40.          Bera, G.*, Surampalli A.*, Mishra A.*, Mal P.*, Reddy V.R.*, Banerjee A.*, Sagdeo A.,

               Das P.*, Turpu G.R.*

               Magnetolattice coupling, magnetic frustration, and magnetoelectric effect in the Cr-doped

               FeVO4 multiferroic material and their correlation with structural phase transitions

               Physical Review B, 100 014436(1-13) (2019)

41.          Bhardwaj, T.*, Shukla, M.*, Paul, C.P., Bindra, K.S.

               Direct Energy Deposition - Laser Additive Manufacturing of Titanium-Molybdenum alloy:

               Parametric studies, microstructure and mechanical properties

               Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 787 1238-1248 (2019)

42.          Bhatt, R., Soharab M., Bhaumik I., Verma P.*, Sajith B.K., Saxena A., Karnal A.K.

               Effect of reduction on the optical properties of Sr.₆₁Ba.₃₉NbO    grown by optical floating zone technique

               Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 810 151818(1-8) (2019)

43.          Bhaumik I., Soharab M., Bhatt R., Saxena A.*, Gupta K.*, Karnal A.K.

               Anomalous effect of growth ambience on the optical absorption characteristics of Cr-co-doped

                Nd:YVO crystal

               Applied Physics A, 125 1-9 (2019)

44.          Bhowmik R.N.*, Siva K.V.*, Reddy V.R.*, Sinha A.K.

               Study of the lattice structure and magnetic spin order modification in chemical routed α-


               Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 484 42-54 (2019)

45.          Biswal R., Mishra G.K., Agrawal S.K., Dixit S.K., Nakhe S.V.

               Studies on the design and parametric effects of a diode pump alkali (rubidium) laser

               Pramana: Journal of Physics, 93 58 (2019)

46.          Burns E.*, Raja S. et al.

               A Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor Search for Electromagnetic Signals Coincident with

               Gravitational-wave Candidates in Advanced LIGOʼs First Observing Run

               Astrophysical Journal, 871 90(1-12) (2019)




47.          Chakrabarti A., Bhattacharya J.*, Dutt R.*, Pandey D.*

               Unusual magnetic and electronic properties of Al-substituted GaMnNi: An ab initio study

               Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 490 2019, 165521 (2019)

48.          Chakravarty U., Gurram S., Kuruvilla A., Upadhyaya B.N., Bindra K.S.

               Short pulse generation in active Q-switched Yb-doped all fiber laser and its amplification

               Optics and Laser Technology, 109 186-192 (2019)

49.          Chandra L.S.S., Paul S., Khandelwal A., Kaushik V.*, Sagdeo A., Venkatesh R.*, Kranti

               Kumar K.*, Banerjee A.*, Chattopadhyay M.K.

               Structural and magnetic properties of the as-cast V₁₋ₓZrₓ alloy superconductors

               Journal of Applied Physics, 126 1-10 (2019)

50.          Chandran, S., Biswas B., Lal S., Kumar A., Saini R.S., Khursheed M., Gupta S.K., Nerpagar

               P., Pandit R.K., Pant K.K.

               Commissioning and validation of the injector and electron beamtransport systems for the IR-

               FEL at RRCAT

               Pramana: Journal of Physics, 93 1-11 (2019)

51.          Chatterjee  S.*, Mahapatra  S.S.*, Bharadwaj  V., Choubey A., Upadhyay B.N., Bindra K.S.

               Drilling of micro-holes on titanium alloy using pulsed Nd:YAG laser: Parametric appraisal and

               prediction of performance characteristics

               Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B, 233 1872-1889 (2019)

52.          Chatterjee A., Khamari S.K., Porwal S., Sharma T.K.

               Role of ZrOResponsivity  GaN          Ultraviolet Photodetectors

               Physica Status Solidi, 13 (2019)

53.          Chatterjee, S.*, Mahapatra S.S.*, Bharadwaj V., Upadhyay B.N., Bindra K.S., Thomas J.*

               Parametric appraisal of mechanical and metallurgical behavior of butt welded joints using pulsed

                Nd:YAG laser on thin sheets of AISI 316

               Optics and Laser Technology, 117 186-199 (2019)

54.          Chaube, R.,

               Estimation, Optimization, and Performance of Layered Thermal Insulation Structure in a Wide

               Aperture Gas Discharge Copper Vapour Laser Assembly

               Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 44 5937-5947 (2019)

55.          Chaudhary S.*, Bhargava K.*, Yadav N.*, Joshi M.P., Singh V.*

               Effect of concentration of DH6T on the performance of photoconductor fabricated using blends

                of P3HT and DH6T

               Optical Materials, 89 214-223 (2019)

56.          Chettri, P.*, Deka, U.*, Rao, A.*, Okram, G.S.*, Petwal, V.C., Verma, V.P., Dwivedi J.,

               Thomas, R.*, Nagaraja, B.S.*

               Investigation of the effect of electron beam irradiation on the structural and transport properties

               of half doped Nd0.5Sr0.5MnO3 manganites

               Physica B: Condensed Matter, 560 220-227 (2019)

57.          Choudhary, P.*, Saxena P.*, Yadav A.*, Sinha A.K., Rai V.N.*, Varshney M.D.*, Mishra A.*

               Weak Ferroelectricity and Leakage Current Behavior of Multiferroic CoCrO

               Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, 32 2639-2645 (2019)

58.          Christopher B.*, Riya Thomas R.*, Rao A.*, Okram G.S.*, Petwal V.C., Verma V.P.,

               Dwivedi J.

               A systematic study on effect of electron beam irradiation on electrical properties and

               thermopower of RE.Sr.CoO         

               Physica B: Condensed Matter, 552 170-177 (2019)


59.          Dann S. J. D.*, Hazra D. et al.

               Laser wakefield acceleration with active feedback at 5 Hz

               Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, 22 041303(1-12) (2019)

60.          Das D.*, Barman A.*, S. Kumar A.*, Sinha A.K., Gupta M.*, Singhal R.*, Johari P.*,

               Kanjilal A.*

               Synergistic Effect of Singly Charged Oxygen Vacancies and Ligand Field for Regulating

               Transport Properties of Resistive Switching Memories

               The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123 26812-26822 (2019)

61.          Dhamgaye S.*, Gupta N.*, Shrotriya A.*, Dhamgaye V., Gadre R.*

               Biological Effects of Seed Irradiation by Synchrotron X Ray Beam in Young Bean Seedlings

               Advances in Biological Chemistry, 9 88-97 (2019)

62.          Dutta A.*, Gayathri N.*, Mukherjee P.*, Dey S.*, Mandal S.*, Roy K.T.*, Sarkar A.*,

               Neogy S.*, Sagdeo A.

               An approach in the analysis of microstructure of proton irradiated T91 through XRDLPA using

               synchrotron and laboratory source

               Journal of Nuclear Materials, 514 161-170 (2019)

63.          Dutta S.B., Krishna H., Gupta S.*, Majumder S.K.

               Fluorescence photo-bleaching of urine and its applicability in oral cancer diagnosis

               Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy, 28 18-24 (2019)

64.          Dutta, S.B., Shrivastava, R., Krishna, H., Khan, K.M., Gupta, S.*, Majumder, S.K.

               Nanotrap-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: An Efficient Technique for Trace Detection of


               Analytical Chemistry, 91 3555-3560 (2019)




65.          Gahlawat S.*, Singh J., Yadav A.K., Ingole P.P.*

               Exploring Burstein-Moss type effects in nickel doped hematite dendrite nanostructures for

               enhanced photo-electrochemical water splitting

               Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 21 20463-20477 (2019)

66.          Ganesh, P. et al.,

               Study on Enhancing Fatigue Life of SAE 9260 Spring Steel with Surface Defect Through Laser

                Shock Peening

               Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 28 2029-2035 (2019)

67.          Gautam K.*, Ahad A.*, Majid S.S.*, Sagdeo A., Francoual S.*, Choudhary R.J.*, Shukla


               Deciphering role of the Fe substitution in modulating the structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric

                properties of NdCrTiO

               Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 478 260-263 (2019)

68.          Ghosh A., Ghosh H.

               Orbital selective bandwidth renormalization, Lifshitz transition in Rare Earth doped 112 iron

               based superconductors

               Computational Materials Science, 160 (2019)

69.          Ghosh A., Ghosh H.

               Possible enhancement of superconductivity by Sb doping in rare earth doped 112 compounds:

               an ab-initio study

               International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 99 1-13 (2019)

70.          Ghosh S.*, Sanjeev B.*, Gupta M., Kumar A.B.V.K.*

               XAS studies of brain-sponge CNClZnO nanostructures using polyaniline as dual source for

               solar light photocatalysis

               Ceramics International, 45 1314-1321 (2019)

71.          Ghosh S., Baral M., Kamparath R., Singh S.D., Ganguli T.

               Investigations on band commutativity at all oxide p-type NiO/n-type β-GaO using photoelectron spectroscopy

               Applied Physics Letters, 115 251603(1-5) (2019)

72.          Ghosh, A., Ghosh, H., Sen, S.*

               Lifshitz transition in new doped 112 superconductors

               Intermetallics, 107 126-136 (2019)

73.          Ghosh, H., Ghosh S.*, Ghosh A.*

               Doping site identification in 112 iron pnictides through a first-principles core-electron

               spectroscopic study

               Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 26 1-7 (2019)

74.          Ghosh, S., Baral M., Kamparath R., Choudhary R.J.*, Phase D.M.*, Singh S.D., Ganguli T.

               Epitaxial growth and interface band alignment studies of all oxide α-CrO/β-GaO       heterojunction

               Applied Physics Letters, 115 1-5 (2019)

75.          Gidde R.R.*, Pawar P.M.*, Ronge B.P.*, Dhamgaye V.P.

               Design optimization of an electromagnetic actuation based valveless micropump for drug

               delivery application

               Microsystem Technologies, 25 509-519 (2019)

76.          Gorey A.*, Jacob P.M.*, Abraham D.T.*, John R.*, Manipadam M.T.*, Ansari M.S., Chen

               G.C.K.*, Vasudevan S.*

               Differentiation of malignant from benign thyroid nodules using photoacoustic spectral response:

               a preclinical study

               Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 5 (2019)

77.          Gorey A.*, Vasudevan S.*, Ansari M.S., Bhagat P.*, Phatak S.*, Sharma N.*, Chen


               Development of a compact laser-diode based frequency domain photoacoustic sensing system:

               Application of human breast cancer diagnosis

               Review of Scientific Instruments, 90 114101(1-8) (2019)

78.          Gupta R.K., kumar B.A.*, Choubey A., George R.P.*, Ganesh P., Upadhyaya B.N., Philip

               J.*, Bindra K.S., Kaul K.

               Antibacterial and Corrosion Studies on Nanosecond Pulse Laser Textured 304 L Stainless

               Steel Surfaces

               Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing, 6 332-343 (2019)

79.          Gupta, P., Akhila, K.J., Srihari, V.*, Svec, P.*, Kane, S.R., Rai, S.K., Ganguli, T.

               On the origin of magnetic anisotropy of FeCo(Nb)B alloy thin films: A thermal annealing study

               Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 480 64-72 (2019)

80.          Gupta, P.K., Singh C.P., Mukhopadhyay P.K., Bindra K.S.

               Generation of stable clean ultrashort pulses in a simple all-fiber, all-normal dispersion ytterbium-

               doped mode-locked laser

               Applied Optics, 58 5533-5539 (2019)



81.          Haldar S., Banerjee A.*, Vashisht G., Porwal S., Sharma T.K., Dixit V.K.

               A parallel magnetic field driven confinement versus separation of charges in GaAs quantum well

                investigated by magneto-photovoltage and magneto-photoluminescence spectroscopy

               Journal of Luminescence, 206 (2019)

82.          Haldar, S., Vashisht G., Porwal S., Sharma T.K., Dixit V.K.

               Simultaneous magneto-electro-opticalmeasurements in modulation-dopedquantum well: An

               investigation on magneto-photoluminescence intensity oscillations

               Journal of Applied Physics, 125 205701(1-10) (2019)

83.          Haque S.M.*, De R.*, Tripathi S.*, Mukherjee C., Jha S.N.*, Bhattacharyya D.*

               Local structural investigation of refractory oxide thin films near laser damage threshold

               Optics and Laser Technology, 112 245-254 (2019)

84.          Hareesh, K.*, Sunitha, D.V.*, Dhamgaye, V.P., Dhole, S.D.*, Bhoraskar, V.N.*,


               Synchrotron X-ray radiation assisted synthesis of Ag/Polycarbonate and Au/Polycarbonate

               polymer matrix and its pollutant degradation application

               Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Section B, 447 100-106 (2019)

85.          Hazra D.*, Moorti A., Mishra S., Upadhyay A., Chakera J.A.

               Direct laser acceleration of electrons in a high-Z gas target and the effect of threshold plasma

               density on electron beam generation

               Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 61 125016(1-11) (2019)

86.          Hazra, D.*, Mishra S., Moorti A., Chakera J.A.

               Electron radiography with different beam parametersusing laser plasma accelerator

               Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, 22 074701(1-11) (2019)

87.          Hegde, V.*, Chauhan, N.*, Petwal, V.C., Verma, V.P., Dwivedi, J., Mahato, K.K.*,

               Kamath, S.D.*

               Effects of 7.5 MeV electron beam irradiation on optical properties of Eu3-doped  zinc sodium

               bismuth borate glasses

               Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Section B, 446 5-9 (2019)

88.          Hiremath G.B.*, Bennal A.S.*, Mirji S., Hosamani M.M., Badiger N.M.*, Tiwari M.K.

               Study of the solid state effect L3 subshell fluorescence yield for high

                Z targets using Indus-2 synchrotron radiation

               Canadian Journal of Physics, 97 (2019)

89.          Hiremath G.B.*, Mirji S., Hosamani M.M.*, Badiger N.M.*, Tiwari M.K.

               Study the effect of crystal structure on radiative vacancy transfer probabilities

   from L  

   Chemical Physics Letters, 715 317-322 (2019)

90.          Hojbota C.L.*, Kim H.T.*, Shin J.H.*, Aniculaesei C.*, Rao B.S., Nam C.H.*

               Accurate single-shot measurement technique for the spectral distribution of GeV electron

               beams from a laser wakefield accelerator

               AIP Advances, 9 085229(1-9) (2019)



91.          Jana A.R., Kumar A., Kumar V., Roy S.B.

               Influence of material parameters on the performance of niobium-based superconducting

               radiofrequency cavities

               Pramana: Journal of Physics, 93 51 (2019)

92.          Jana, A.R., Kumar V.

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Note: * indicates author affiliation other than RRCAT, Indore.

Compiled by: RRCAT SIRC