List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 2018

By Author(A-Z)

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1. Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al. First Search for Nontensorial Gravitational Waves from Known Pulsars Physical Review Letters, 120 031104 (2018) 2. Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al. Effects of data quality vetoes on a search for compact binary coalescences in Advanced LIGO's first observing run Classical and Quantum Gravity, 35 065010(1-26) (2018) 3. Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al. All-sky search for long-duration gravitational wave transients in the first Advanced LIGO observing run Classical and Quantum Gravity, 35 065009 (2018) 4. Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al. GW170817 : Implications for the Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background from Compact Binary Coalescences Physical Review Letters, 120 091101 (2018) 5. Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al. Prospects for observing and localizing gravitational-wave transients with Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo and KAGRA Living Reviews in Relativity, 21 3(1-57) (2018) 6. Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al. Full band all-sky search for periodic gravitational waves in the O1 LIGO data Physical Review D, 97 102003 (2018) 7. Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al. GW170817: Measurements of Neutron Star Radii and Equation of State Physical Review Letters, 121 161101(1-16) (2018) 8. Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al. Search for Subsolar-Mass Ultracompact Binaries in Advanced LIGO’s First Observing Run Physical Review Letters, 121 231103 (2018) 9. Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al. Constraints on cosmic strings using data from the first Advanced LIGO observing run Physical Review D, 97 102002 (2018) 10. Abbott B.P.*, Bhandare R., Dave I., George J., Pai S.A., Pant B.C., Rajan C, Raja S. et al. Search for Tensor, Vector, and Scalar Polarizations in the Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background Physical Review Letters, 120 201102 (2018) 11. Acharya A., Shrivastava P. A 100 kV, 20 A, 1 ms long pulse solid-state Marx modulator for klystron Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Section A, 905 96-103 (2018) 12. Aggarwal R., Ingale A.A., Dixit V.K. Raman spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy study of interfacial polytypism in GaP/Ge(111) heterostructures Applied Surface Science, 427 754-762 (2018) 13. Aggarwal R., Sankar P.R., Sahu A.*, Ingale A.A., Sinha A.K., Mukherjee C. Template based room temperature growth of high density CdS nanowires from aqueous electrolyte using high frequency alternating current Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 29 427-435 (2018) 14. Ahlawat A.*, Kushwaha S.*, Khan A.A.*, Satapathy S., Choudhary R.J.*, Karnal A.K. Influence of particle size on spin switching properties and magnetoelectric coupling in SmFeO₃ Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 29 927-934 (2018) 15. Ahlawat A., Satapathy S., Shirolkar M.M.*, Li J.*, Kha A.A.*, Deshmukh P., Hang H.*, Choudhary R.J.*, Karnal A.K. Tunable Magnetoelectric Nonvolatile Memory Devices Based on SmFeO3/P(VDF-TrFE) Nanocomposite Films Applied Nano Materials, 1 3196–3203 (2018) 16. Antony A.*, Poornesh P.*, Kityk I.V.*, Ozga K.*, Sanjeev G.*, Petwal V.C.*, Verma V.P., Dwivedi J. A novel approach for tailoring structural, morphological, photoluminescence and nonlinear optical features in spray coated Cu:ZnO nanostructures via e-beam CrystEngComm, 6502-6518 (2018)



17.       Banerjee C., Singh M.P.
          Electron-positron pair creation by counterpropagating laser pulses : role of carrier envelope
          European Physical Journal D, 72 4 (2018)

18.       Banerjee C., Singh M.P., Fedotov A.M.*
          Phase control of Schwinger pair production by colliding laser pulses
          Physical Review A, 98 032121(1-8) (2018)

19.       Bansal H.*, Tiwari M.K., Mittal R.*
          M sub-shell X-ray fluorescence cross-section measurements for six elements in the range
          Z=78-92 at tuned synchrotron photon energies 5, 7 and 9 keV
          Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer,  232-241 (2018)

20.       Bevara S.*, Giri P.*, Patwe S.J.*, Achary S.N.*, Kumar A.*, Sinha A.K., Kaushik C.P. *,
          Tyagi A.K.*
          Separation of 90Sr from nuclear waste by crystalline complex phosphates of Ce(IV) and Zr(IV)
          Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 6 2248-2261 (2018)

21.       Bindra K.S., Upadhyaya B.N.
          Applications of High Power Solid State Lasers in Nuclear Power Programme
          Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A, 88 375-386 (2018)


22.       Chakraborty A., Mishra S.R.
          A Floquet formalism for the interaction of magnetically trapped atoms with rf fields
          Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 51 025002(1-11) (2018)

23.       Chakraborty A., Mishra S.R.
          Resonance enhancement of two photon absorption by magnetically trapped atoms in strong rf-
          Physics Letters A, 382 157-161 (2018)

24.       Chakravarty U.,
          Anomalous Resonances and Relativistic Transparency for Ultra-high Intensity Laser Plasmas
          International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovations, 6 431-437 (2018)

25.       Chakravarty U., Chaturvedi D.
          Hydrodynamic Time Scale of Resonance in Intense Laser Irradiated Nano-Plasmaof Different
          International Journal of Scientific Research in Physics and Applied , 6 1-8 (2018)

26.       Chakravarty U., Chaturvedi D.
          Nonlinear absorption of ultrashort ultrahigh intensity laser pulses in fullerene
          AIP Advances, 8 125016 (2018)

27.       Chandra L.S.S.*, Chattopadhyaya M.K.
          Magnetic properties in the vortex state of Pr1-   xNdxPt4Ge12 and
          Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications,  50-54 (2018)

28.       Chandra L.S.S., Chattopadhyay M.K., Chandra J., Manekar M.A., Pandey S.K.*, Venkatesh
          R.*, Roy S.B.
          Internal strain induced superconductivity in arc melted Ti0.97Fe0.03 alloy
          Superconductor Science and Technology, 31 1-7 (2018)

29.       Chandra M., Yadav S.*, Choudhary R.J.*, Rawat R.*, Sinha A.K., Lepetit M.B.*, Singh K.*
          Multiferroicity and magnetoelastic coupling in alpha-Mn2O3: A binary perovskite
          Physical Review B, 98 104427(1-8) (2018)

30.       Chatterjee A., Agnihotri V.K., Khamari S.K., Porwal S., Bose A., Joshi S.C., Sharma T.K.
          Peculiarities of the current-voltage and capacitance-voltage characteristics of plasma etched
          GaN and their relevance to n-GaN Schottky photodetectors
          Journal of Applied Physics, 124 104504(1-10) (2018)

31.       Chatterjee A., Khamari S.K., Porwal S., Kher S., Sharma T.K.
          Effect of 60 Co c-irradiation on the nature of electronic transport in heavily doped
          n-type GaN based Schottky photodetectors
          Journal of Applied Physics, 123 161585(1-8) (2018)

32.       Chatterjee S.*, Mahapatra S.S.*, Bharadwaj V., Choubey A., Upadhyay B.N., Bindra K.S.
          Quality Evaluation of Micro Drilled Hole Using Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser: a Case Study on AISI 316
          Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing, 5 248–269 (2018)
33.       Chatterjee S.*, Mahapatra S.S.*, Sahu A.K.*, Bhardwaj V.K., Choubey A., Upadhyay B.N.,
          Bindra K.S.
          Experimental Investigation Of Quality Characteristics In Nd:YAG Laser Drilling Of Stainless
          Steel (AISI 316)
          Materials Today: Proceedings, 5 11526-11530 (2018)

34.       Chowdhury A., Waghmare D.*, Dasgupta R., Majumder S.K.
          Red blood cell membrane damage by light-induced thermal gradient under optical trap
          Journal of Biophotonics, 11 e2017002229(1- (2018)

35.       Christopher B.*, Rao A.*, Deka U.*, Prasad K.S.*, Okram G.S.*, Sanjeev G.*, Petwal
          V.C.*, Verma V.P., Dwivedi J.
          Electrical, thermal and magnetic studies on 7.5 MeV electron beam irradiated
          PrCoO3 polycrystalline samples
          Physica B: Condensed Matter, 540 26-32 (2018)

36.       Christopher B.*, Rao A.*, Nagaraja B.S.*, Prasad K.S.*, Okram G.S.*, Sanjeev G.*, Petwal
          V.C., Verma V.P., Dwivedi J.
          Correlation between structural and transport properties of electron beam irradiated
          Solid State Communications,  30-37 (2018)



37.       Das A., Singh S.D., Choudhari R.J.*, Rai S.K., Ganguli T.
          Data-reduction procedure for correction of geometric factors in the analysis of specular X-ray
          reflectivity of small samples
          Journal of Applied Crystallography, 51 1295-1303 (2018)

38.       Das A.K., Banerjee A.
          Assessment of local density approximation based exchange–correlation functional for a two-
          dimensional spin polarized dipolar Fermi gas
          The European Physical Journal D, 72 1-12 (2018)

39.       Dasgupta R., Miettinen M.S.*, Fricke N.*, Lipowsky R.*, Dimova. R.*
          The glycolipid GM1 reshapes asymmetric biomembranes and giant vesicles by curvature
          Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States , 29 5756-5761 (2018)

40.       Deo R.K. , Anghore G.*, Jain M.K., Lad M.
          Design and development of 3 kW pulsed solid-state RF power amplifier using two LDMOS in
          parallel configuration at 1 MHz
          Journal of Instrumentations, 13 T12002 (2018)

41.       Deshmukh A.S.*, Jain P.S.*, Chauhan P.N.*, Aminabhavi T.M.*, Petwal V., Verma V.
          Effect of electron beam irradiation induced grafting of sialic acid onto polycaprolactone –
          Feasibility study
          Materials Science for Energy Technologies, 1 77-83 (2018)

42.       Deshmukh P., Satapathy S., Ahlawat A., Tiwari M.K., Karnal A.K.
          Fabrication and characterization of Er, Nd codoped YO transparent ceramic: A dual mode
          photoluminescence emitter
          Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 754 32-38 (2018)

43.       Dhal R.*, Lekshmi P.N.*, Singh R.*, Das A.*, Sinha A.K., Santhosh P.N.*
          Crystal and magnetic structure of novel Brownmillerite,Ca2Fe0.875Cr0.125GaO5: An
          approach towards natural GMR layers in bulkmetal oxides
          Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 265 417-423 (2018)

44.       Dhamgaye S.*, Dhamgaye V., Gadre R.*
          Growth Retardation at Different Stages of Bean Seedlings Developed from Seeds Exposed to
          Synchrotron X-Ray Beam
          Scientific Research, 8 29-35 (2018)

45.       Dhara S.*, Khooha A., Singh A.K., Tiwari M.K., Misra N.L.*
          Total reflection X-ray Fluorescence determination of interfering elements rubidium and uranium
          by profile fitting
          Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, 144 87-91 (2018)


46.       Florio F.*, Sinha G., Sundararaman R.*
          Designing High-Accuracy Permanent Magnets for Low-Power Magnetic Resonance Imaging
          IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 54 5300209(1-9) (2018)



47.       Gambhir M.*, Gupta S.*, John P.*, Mahakud R., Kumar J., Prakash O.
          Surface Modified Long Period Fiber Grating Sensor for Rapid Detection of Aspergillus Niger
          Fungal Spores
          Journal Fiber and Integrated Optics, 37 79-91 (2018)

48.       Ganesh P. et al.,
          Vacuum Brazing of Titanium/316L Stainless Steel Transition Joint for Application in Helium
          Vessel of Superconducting RF Cavities.
          Indian Welding Journal, 51 59-65 (2018)

49.       Garg A.D., Modi M.H., PuntambekarT.A.
          Design of synchrotron radiation interferometer (SRI) for beam size measurement at visible
          diagnostics beamline in Indus-2 SRS
          Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Section A, 902 164-172 (2018)

50.       Garg V.*, Sengar B.S.*, Awasthi V.*, Kumar A.*, Singh R.*, Kumar S., Mukherjee C.*,
          Atuchin V.V.*, Mukherjee S.*
          Investigation of Dual-Ion Beam Sputter-Instigated Plasmon Generation in TCOs : A Case
          Study of GZO
          ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 10 5464-5474 (2018)

51.       Garg V.*, Sengar B.S.*, Awasthi V.*, Sharma P.*, Kumar A.*, Aaryashree, Kumar S.,
          Mukherjee S.*
          Sputter-instigated plasmon-enhanced optical backscattering layer inultrathin solar cells:
          Application of GZO in CIGSe material system
          Solar Energy, 174 35-44 (2018)

52.       Gaur R., Kumar V.
          Beam dynamics and electromagnetic studies of a 3 MeV, 325 MHz radio frequency
          quadrupole accelerator
          Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 4 2018004 (2018)

53.       Gupta P., Svec P.*, Sinha A.K., Kane S.
          Correlation of B2 super-lattice ordering with soft magnetic and mechanical properties of
          nanocrystalline FeCoNbB HITPERM alloys
          Materials Research Express, 6 026537 (2018)

54.       Gupta R.K. et al.,
          Maskless copper electroplating on stainless steel using DPSS green laser
          Surface Engineering, 34 446-453 (2018)

55.       Gupta R.M., Prasad N.*, Rai A.K., Biswal R., Sundar R.*, Bose A., Ganesh P., Ranganathan
          K., Bindra K.S., Kaul K.
          Corrosion Study on Laser Shock Peened 316L Stainless Steel in Simulated Body Fluid and
          Chloride Medium
          Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing, 5 270–282 (2018)

56.       Gupta S.*, Yadav A.*, Bhartiya S., Singh M.K., Miotello A.*, Sarkar A.*, Patel N.*
          Co oxide nanostructures for electrocatalytic water-oxidation: effects of dimensionality and
          related properties
          Nanoscale, 10 8806-8819 (2018)

57.       Gupta V.K., Ingale A.A., Bhattacharya A.*, Gokhale M.*, Aggarwal R., Pal S.
          Understanding the effect of nanowire orientation on time evolution of Raman spectra from laser
          irradiated InAs nanowire surface
          Nanotechnology, 29 425709 (2018)

58.       Gupta V.K., Ingale A.A., Jain V, Aggarwal R., Pal S.
          Predicting surface modification of InAs nanowires on laser irradiation using transient thermal
          simulation and time evolution of Raman spectra
          Journal of Alloys and Compounds,  1331-1338 (2018)

59.       Gurram S., Kuruvilla A., Kumar K.K.*, Chakravarty  U., Singh R., Hussain S.*
          Development of Thulium Doped Fiber Laser Emitting >34W Watts of  CW Powar at 1940 NM
          Journal of Applied Physical Science International, 10 30-36 (2018)

60.       Gurung S., Singh A., Chari R., Jayabalan J.
          The optical response of self-organized Ag-CdTe metal-semiconductor hybrid nanostructures:
          Change in interaction vs number density variation
          Journal of Applied Physics, 124 204305(1-8) (2018)



61.       Haldar S., V. K. Dixit, Vashisht G.*, Porwal S., Sharma T.K.
          Radiative and non-radiative recombination of thermally activated magneto-excitons probed via
          quasi-simultaneous photoluminescence and surface-photovoltage spectroscopy
          Journal of Applied Physics, 124 055704(1-10) (2018)

62.       Hazra D.*, Moorti A., Rao B.S., Upadhyay A., Chakera J.A., Naik P.A.
          Betatron resonance electron acceleration and generation of relativistic electron beams using 200
          fs Ti:sapphire laser pulses
          Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 60 085015 (2018)

63.       Husain R., Ghodke A.D.
          Constrained multi-objective optimization of storage ring lattices
          Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A,  151-158 (2018)

64.       Hussain Z., Reddy R.V.*, Gupta M.*, Dhamgaye V., Khantwal N., Gupta A.*
          Study of exchange bias effect in a patterned Fe/Pt multilayer with the thermal annealing
          Vacuum,  61-65 (2018)



65.       Jain B., Reeja K.V.*, Mondal P., Sinha A.K.
          Luminescent mesoporous silica nanoparticles for biomedical applications: Synthesis and
          Journal of Luminescence, 200 200-205 (2018)

66.       Jangir R., Kumar D.*, Srihari V.*, Bhakar A., Poswal A.K.*, Sagdeo P.R.*, Nand M.*, Jha
          S.N., Tiwari P., Ganguli T.
          Studies on structural and optical gap tunability in α-(GaxCr(1-x))₂O₃ solid solutions
          Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 766 876-885 (2018)

67.       Jena A.K.*, Satapathy S., Mohanty J.*
          Magnetic and dielectric response in yttrium (Y)-manganese (Mn) substituted multiferroic Bi1-
          xYxFe1-yMnyO3 (x = y=0; x=0.03, 0.06, 0.12, y=0.05) ceramics
          Journal of Applied Physics, 124 174103(1-10) (2018)

68.       Jonnard P.*, Modi M.H., Le Guen K.*, Aneshwari N.*, Sinha M.*, Idir M.*, Chapon P.*,
          Galtayries A.*
          Study of the Au‐Cr bilayer system using X‐ray reflectivity, GDOES, and ToF‐SIMS
          Surface and Interface Analysis, 50 1213-1217 (2018)

69.       Jyoti *, Srivastava A.K., Varma G.D.*
          Highly selective and efficient room temperature NO₂ gas sensors based on Zn-doped CuO
          nanostructure-rGO hybrid
          Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 29 10640–10655 (2018)



70.       Kanaujiya N.*, Kumar N.*, Srivastava A.K., Sharma Y.*, Varma G.D.*
          One-step synthesized mesoporous MnO₂@MoS₂ nanocomposite for high performance
          energy storage devices
          Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry Volume 824, 824 226-237 (2018)

71.       Karimi M.*, Steinkühler J.*, Roy D.*, Dasgupta R., Lipowsky R.*, Dimova R.*
          Asymmetric Ionic Conditions Generate Large Membrane Curvatures
          Nano Letters, 18 7816-7821 (2018)

72.       Karuppasamy P.*, Kamalesh T.*, Anitha K.*, Kalam S.A.*, Pandian M.S.*, Ramasamy P.*,
          Verma S., Rao S.V.*
          Synthesis, crystal growth, structure and characterization of a novel third order nonlinear optical
          organic single crystal: 2-Amino 4,6-Dimethyl Pyrimidine 4-nitrophenol
          Optical Materials, 84 475-489 (2018)

73.       Karuppasamy P.*, Pandian M.S.*, Ramasamy P.*, Verma S.
          Crystal growth, structural, optical, thermal, mechanical, laser damage threshold and electrical
          properties of triphenylphosphine oxide 4-nitrophenol (TP4N) single crystals for nonlinear
          Optical Materials, 79 152-171 152-171  (2018)

74.       Karydas A.G.*, Tiwari M.K. et al.
          An IAEA multi-technique X-ray spectrometry endstation at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste :
          benchmarking results and interdisciplinary applications
          Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 25 189-203 (2018)

75.       Kaushik V.K.*, Mukherjee C., Sen P.K.*
          ZnO based transparent thin film transistor grown by aerosol assisted CVD
          Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 29 15156–15162 (2018)

76.       Khamari S.K., Porwal S., Sharma T.K.
          Temperature dependent spin Hall conductivity in n-GaAs epitaxial layers measured by inverse
          spin Hall effect
          Journal of Applied Physics, 124 065702(1-8) (2018)

77.       Khan A.A., Satapathy S., Ahlawat A., Deshmukh P., Karnal A.K.
          Magneto-dielectric coupling in SmFeO₃: A study on anomalous dielectric, conductivity,
          impedance at spin reorientation temperature
          Ceramics International, 44 12401-12413 (2018)

78.       Khan M.A.*, Singh R.*, Bhardwaj R.*, Kumar A.*, Das A.K., Misra P., Kranti A.*,
          Mukherjee S.*
          Enhanced Sheet Charge Density in DIBS Grown CdO Alloyed ZnO Buffer Based Heterostructure
          IEEE Electron Device Letters, 39 827-830 (2018)

79.       Kintali S.*, Varshney G.K., Das K.
          Interaction of Amphotericin B with Ergosterol/Cholesterol-Containing POPG Liposomes
          Studied by Absorption, Fluorescence and Second Harmonic Spectroscopy
          Chemistryselect, 3 10559-10565 (2018)

80.       Koli S.*, Borage. M., Tiwari S.
          Analysis, design and experimentation with a four-element resonant immittance converter
          topology as a constant-current power supply
          International Journal of Power Electronics, 9 .447-462 (2018)

81.       Kumar C.*, Das M.*, Paul C.P., Bindra K.S.
          Comparison of bead shape, microstructure and mechanical properties of fiber laser beam
          welding of 2 mm thick plates of Ti-6Al-4V alloy
          Optics and Laser Technology, 105 306–321 (2018)

82.       Kumar C.*, Dasa M.*, Paul C.P., Bindra K.S.
          Characteristics of fiber laser weldments of two phases (α+β) titanium alloy
          Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 35 351-359 (2018)

83.       Kumar M., Babbar L.K., Deo R.K., Puntambekar T.A., Senecha V.K.
          Modified coaxial wire method for measurement of transfer impedance of beam position monitors
          Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, 21 052801(1-11) (2018)

84.       Kumar M., Babbar L.K., Holikatti A.C., Yadav S., Tyagi Y., Puntambekar T.A., Senecha V.K.
          Improved design and in-situ measurements of new beam position monitors for Indus-2
          Journal of Instrumentation,  P01003 (2018)

85.       Kumar M., Singhal H., Chakera J.A., Naik P.A.
          Study of Higher Diffraction Order Contribution in a Flat Field Grating Spectrograph Using a
          High-Order Harmonic Source
          Applied Spectroscopy, 72 1416-1424 (2018)

86.       Kumar R., Dixit V.K., Mukherjee C., Sharma T.K.
          Anisotropic distribution of microstructure in compressively strained InP/GaAs epitaxial layers
          Superlattices & Microstructures, 122 636-642 (2018)

87.       Kumar R., Dixit V.K., Sharma T.K.
          Anisotropic distribution of dislocations density in tensile strained GaP/GaAs epilayers
          Vacuum, 154 214-217 (2018)



88.       Lal S., Pant K.K.
          An algorithm for the design and tuning of RF accelerating structures with variable cell lengths
          Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Section A,  57-62 (2018)

89.       Laxmeshwar L.S.*, Jadhav M.S.*, Akki J.F.*, Raikar P.*, Kumar J., Prakash O., Mahakud
          R., Raikar U.S.*
          Quantification of chloride and iron in sugar factory effluent using long period fiber grating
          chemical sensor
          Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 258 850-856 (2018)

90.       Lohar A.A.*, Shinde A.*, Gahlaut R.*, Sagdeo A., Mahamuni S.*
          Enhanced Photoluminescence and Stimulated Emission in CsPbCl3 Nanocrystals at Low
          The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122 25014-25020 (2018)




91.       Madapu K.K.*, Sivadasan A.K.*, Baral M., Dhara S.*
          Observation of surface plasmon polaritons in 2D electron gas of surface electron accumulation
          in InN nanostructures
          Nanotechnology, 29 275707(1-12) (2018)

92.       Mahantesha B.K.*, Ravindrachary V., Padmakumari R.*, Sahanakumari R.*, Sanjeev G.*,
          Verma V.P.
          Microstructural, thermal and electrical properties of electron irradiated Li₂CO₃ doped PVA
          Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics, 56 616-620 (2018)

93.       Majhi A., Dilliwar M.*, Pradhan P.C., Jena S.*, Nayak M., Singh M.N., Udupa D.V.*,
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          Evaluation of microstructure and residual stress in W/B4C multilayer optics
          Journal of Applied Physics, 124 115306 (2018)

94.       Majhi A., Nayak M., Pradhan P.C., Filatova E.O.*, Sokolov A.*, Schäfers F.*
          Soft X-ray Reflection Spectroscopy for Nano-Scaled Layered Structure Materials
          Scientific Reports, 8 15724 (2018)

95.       Majid S.S.*, Shukla D.K.*, Rahman F.*, Khan S. et al.
          Insulator-metal transitions in the T phase Cr-doped and M1 phase undoped VO2 thin films
          Physical Review B, 98 075152(1-9) (2018)

96.       Malviya D.*, Borage M.B., Tiwari S.
          Analysis and Design of Symmetrical Capacitor Diode Voltage Multiplier Driven by LCL-T
          Resonant Converter
          Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India):Series B, 99 7-16 (2018)

97.       Mishra C., Chakraborty A., Singh V., Ram S.P., Tiwari V.B., Mishra S.R.
          Coupling field dependent quantum interference effects in a A-system of Rb-87 atom
          Physics Letters A, 382 3269-3273 3269- (2018)

98.       Mishra C., Chakraborty A., Srivastava A., Tiwari S.K., Ram S.P., Tiwari V.B., Mishra S.R.
          Electromagnetically induced transparency in Lambda-systems of Rb-87 atom in magnetic field
          Journal of Modern Optics, 65 2184-2192 (2018)

99.       Mishra V.*, Ghosh H. et al.
          Effect of electron irradiation on the optical properties of SrTiO3 : An experimental
          and theoretical investigations
          Materials Research Express, 5 036210 (2018)

100.      Mishra V.*, Warshi M.K.*, Sati A.*, Kumar A.*, Mishra V.*, Sagdeo A., Kumar R.*,
          Sagdeo P.R.*
          Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy: An effective tool to probe the defect states in wide band gap
          semiconducting materials
          Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 86 151-156 (2018)

101.      Modi M.H., Sinha M.*, Bose A.*, Singh A.*, Jonnard P.*
          Depth analysis of Al/ZrC interfaces using SIMS and x-ray reflectivity
          Surface and Interface Analysis, 50 239-1242 (2018)

102.      Munirathnappa A.K.*, Ananda K.*, Sinha A.K., Sundaram N.G.*
          Effect of Solvent on the Red Luminescence of Novel Lanthanide
          NaEu(WO₄)₂Nanophosphor for Theranostic Applications
          Crystal Growth & Design, 18 253-263 (2018)

103.      Munirathnappa A.K.*, Petwal V.C., Dwivedi J., Sundaram N.G.*
          Enhanced red luminescence and improved crystallinity in NaEu(WO₄)(₂) phosphors : an
          electron beam irradiation study
          New Journal of Chemistry, 42 2726-2732 (2018)



104.      Panda S.*, Doohan R.S.
          Analytical study of Cryogenic plate fin Heat Exchanger for Helium Liquefier
          International Journal of Engineering Technology Science , 5 1-5 (2018)

105.      Pandey. D., Kamal C., Chakrabarti A.
          First-principles study of adsorption of 3d and 4d transition metal atoms on aluminene
          Computational Condensed Matter, 16 1-14 (2018)

106.      Pandya S.*, Chandra L.S.S., Ganesan V.*
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Compiled by RRCAT SIRC