List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 2015

By Author(A-Z)

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1.         Aasi J.*, Raja S. et al.

           Characterization of the LIGO detectors during their sixth science run

           Classical and Quantum Gravity 32, (2015)

2.         Aasi J.*, Raja S. et al.

           Searching for stochastic gravitational waves using data from the two colocated LIGO Hanford detectors

           Physical Review D 91, 022003(1-22) (2015)

3.         Aasi J.*, Raja S. et al.

           Narrow-band search of continuous gravitational-wave signals from Crab and Vela pulsars in Virgo VSR4 data

           Physical Review D 91, 022004(1-15) (2015)

4.         Aasi J.*, Raja S. et al.

           Advanced LIGO

           Classical and Quantum Gravity 32, (2015)

5.         Aasi J.*, Raja S. et al.

           Searches for Continuous Gravitational Waves From Nine Young Supernova Remnants

           The Astrophysical Journal 813, (2015)

6.         Abdurrahim, Ghodke  A.D.

           Effect of undulators on the stored electron beam of Indus-2

           Chinese Physics C 39, 077002(1-7) (2015)

7.         Aggarwal N.*, Bhattacherjee Aranya B.*, Banerjee A., Mohan Man*

           Influence of periodically modulated cavity field on the generation of atomic- squeezed states

           Journal of Physics B: Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 48, 115501(1-8) (2015)

8.         Ahlawat A.*, Satapathy S., Phase D.M.*, Varma K.B.R.*, Gupta P.K.

           Effect of Fe doping on the magnetic ordering temperature of ErMnO3

           Applied Physics Letters 106, 252903(1-6) (2015)

9.         Ahlawat A.*, Satapathy S., Sathe V.G. *, Choudhary R.J.*, Singh M.K., Kumar Ravi, Sharma T.K., Gupta P.K.

           Modification in structure of La and Nd co-doped epitaxial BiFeO3 thin films probed by micro Raman spectroscopy

           Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 46, 509-596 (2015)

10.        Ajimsha R.S., Das A. K.., Misra P., Joshi M.P., Kukreja L.M., Kumar R., Sharma T.K., Oak S.M.

           Observation of low resistivity and high mobility in Ga doped ZnO thin films grown by buffer assisted pulsed laser deposition

           Journal of Alloys and Compounds 638, 55-58 (2015)

11.        Ajimsha R.S., Das A. K.., Sahu Vikas Kumar, Joshi M.P., Kukreja L.M., Deshpande Uday P.*, Shripathi T.*

           Valance band offset of TiO2/CuGaO2 hetero-structure measured by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

           Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 140, 446-449 (2015)

12.        Ajimsha R.S., Das Amit.K., Joshi M.P., Kukreja L.M.

           Quantum corrections to low temperature electrical conductivity in Dy doped ZnO thin films

           Thin Solid Films 589, 521-525 (2015)

13.        Ajimsha R.S., Joshi M.P., Mohan S. Raj, Das Amit. K., Misra P., Kukreja L.M., Phase D.M.*

           Band offset at TiO2/MDMO PPV and TiO2/PEDOT PSS

           interfaces studied using photoelectron spectroscopy RSC Advances 5, (2015)

14.        Aneesh P.M., Jayaraj M.K., Reshmi R., Ajimsha R.S., Kukreja L.M., Antony

           A.*, Rojas F.*, Bertomeu J.*, Julian L{dollar}pez-Vidrier *, Hern{dollar}ndez S.*

           Observation of Room Temperature Photoluminescence from Asymmetric CuGaO2/ZnO/ZnMgO Multiple Quantum Well Structures

           Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 15, 3944-3950 (2015)

15.        Archana J.S.*, Kandali R.S.*, Petwal V.C., Dwivedi J.

           Identification of novel mutants through Electron beam and Gamma irradiation in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

           Journal of Food Legumes 28, (2015)

16.        Awasthi V.*, Pandey Sushil Kumar*, Kumar Shailendra, Mukherjee C., Gupta Mukul*, Mukherjee Shaibal*

           Evaluation of the band alignment and valence plasmonic features of a DIBS grown Ga-doped Mg0.05Zn0.95O/CIGSe heterojunction by

           Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48, 485305 (1-12) (2015)



17.       Badapanda M.K., Tripathi A., Upadhyay R., Lad M., Hannurkar P.R.

          High-Power RF Testing of 1-MW 352.2-MHz Continuous Wave Klystron Amplifier

          IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 43, 3599 -3607 (2015)

18.       Bagchi S., Tayyab M., Ramakrishna B., Upadhyay A., Mandal T., Chakera J.A., Naik P.A., Gupta P.D.

          Micrometer-sized negative-ion accelerator based on ultrashort laser pulse interaction with transparent solids

          Physical Review E 92, 051103(1-4) (2015)

19.       Baral M., Banik Soma, Chakrabarti Aparna, Phase D.M., Ganguli Tapas

          Study of electronic structure of Co2MnSn Heusler alloy by resonant photoemission spectroscopy and ab initio calculations

          Journal of Alloys and Compounds 645, 112-117 (2015)

20.       Basu S.*, Ripandeep Singh,, Das A.*, Roy T.*, Chakrabarti A., Nigam A.K.*, Jha S.N.*, Bhattacharyya D.*

          Temperature Dependent EXAFS Study of Chromium-Doped GaFeO3 at Gallium and Iron Edges

          The Journal of Physical chemistry C 119, 2029-2037 (2015)

21.       Benerji N.S., Singh A., Varshnay N., Singh Bijendra,

          XeCl excimer laser with new prism resonator configurations and its performance characteristics

          Review of Scientific Instruments 86, (2015)

22.       Bhaumik I., Ganesamoorthy G.*, Bhatt R., Subramanian N.*, Karnal A.K., Gupta P.K., Takekawa S.*

          Influence of cerium doping on the dielectric relaxation of Sr0.75Ba0.25Nb2O6 single crystal

          Journal of Alloys and Compounds 21, 26-29 (2015)

23.       Bhowmik R.N.*, Panda Manas Ranjan*, Yusuf S.M.*, Mukadam M.D.*, Sinha A.K.

          Structural phase change in Co2.25Fe0.75O4 spinel oxide by vacuum annealing and role of coexisting CoO phase on magnetic

          Journal of Alloys and Compounds 646, 161-169 (2015)

24.       Biswal Ramakanta, Agrawal Praveen K., Dixit Sudhir K., Nakhe Shankar V.

          Generation of 1.5 W average power 18 kHz repetition rate coherent mid- ultraviolet radiation at 271.2 nm

          Applied Optics 54, 9613-9621 (2015)

25.       Biswas A.*, Maidul Haque,*, Tripathi S.*, De narayan*, Rai S., Bhattacharyya D.*, Sahoo N.K.*

          Study of interface correlation in W/C multilayer structure by specular and non- specular grazing incidence X-ray reflectivity measurements

          Journal of Applied Physics 118, 165312(1-11) (2015)

26.       Biswas D.*, Sinha Anil Kumar, Chakraborty Supratic*

          Optimization of annealing temperature for high-j-based gate oxides using differential scanning calorimetry

          Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: 33, 052205(1-4) (2015)

27.       Bommali R.K., Ghosh S., Vijaya Prakash G., Kanjilal D., Mondal P., Srivastava A.K., Srivastava P.

          Swift heavy ion irradiation induced microstructural modification and evolution of photoluminescence from Si rich a-SiNx:H

          Materials Research Express 2, (2015)

28.       Bose A., Joshi S.C.

          Study of impurity distribution in mechanically polished chemically treated and high vacuum degassed pure niobium samples using the TOFSIMS technique

          Superconductor Science and Technology 28, 075007(1-20) (2015)



29.       Chandran S., Biswas Bhaskar

          A double pole-gap design for low spherical aberration in thin solenoids

          Nuclear Instruments and Methodsin Physics Research A 798, 121-126 (2015)

30.       Chatterjee A., Khamari Shailesh K., Dixit V.K., Oak S.M., Sharma T.K.

          Dislocation-assisted tunnelling of charge carriers across the Schottky barrier on the hydride vapour phase epitaxy grown GaN

          Journal of Applied Physics 118, 175703(1-8) (2015)

31.       Chatterjee A., Khamari Shailesh K., Kumar R., Dixit V. K., Oak S. M., Sharma T. K

          Dislocations limited electronic transport in hydride vapour phase epitaxy grown GaN templates: A word of caution for the epitaxial growers

          Applied Physics Letters 106, 023509(1-5) (2015)

32.       Chatterjee S., Kumar Y. Pavan

          Interferometric-auto-collimation technique for the determination of small angular tilt of a plane mirror

          Journal of Optics 44, 68-76 (2015)

33.       Chatterjee S., Kumar Y. Pavan

          Determination of surface roughness of plane optical components using quasimonochromatic light source and phase shifting interferometry

          Optical Engineering 54, 064102(1-9) (2015)

34.       Chatterjee S., Kumar Y. Pavan

          Determination of the tangential surface profile of Toroidal beam line mirrors with polarization phase-shifting Twyman Green interferometer

          Applied Optics 54, 444-450 (2015)

35.       Chatterjee S., Kumar Y. Pavan

          Measurement of displacement and distance with a polarization phase shifting folded Twyman Green interferometer

          Applied Optics 54, 9839-9843 (2015)

36.       Chatterjee S., Kumar Y. Pawan

          Measurement of the residual wedge angle of a nontransparent parallel plate with a modified cyclic path optical configuration

          Applied Optics 54, (2015)

37.       Chaube R.

          Flow behavior in a curved converging diverging duct employed in a dye laser

          International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research 42, 39-58 (2015)

38.       Chaube R.

          Numerical and experimental estimates of inhomogeneities in dye laser gain medium

          Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 126, 759-764 (2015)

39.       Chaube R.

          Kinematic Design and Performance of A Target Motion Mechanism with its Vacuum Enclosure for Pulsed Ablation by High Repetition Rate Laser

          Journal of the Instrument Society of India 45, (2015)

40.       Chopade S.S.*, Nayak C.*, Bhattacharyya D.*, Jha S.N.*, Tokas R.B.*, Sahoo N.K.*, Deo M.N.*, Biswas A.*, Rai Sanjay

          RF plasma enhanced MOCVD of yttria stabilized zirconia thin films using octanedionate precursors and their characterization

          Applied Surface Science 355, 82-92 (2015)

41.       Choubey A., Jain R.K., Ali Sabir, Singh Ravindra, Vishwakarma S.C., Agrawal D.K., Arya R., Kaul R., Upadhyaya B.N., Oak S.M.

          Studies on pulsed Nd:YAG laser cutting of thick stainless steel in dry air and underwater environment for dismantling applications

          Optics and Laser Technology 71, (2015)



42.       Das A. K.., Misra P., Ajimsha R.S., Joshi M.P., Kukreja L.M.

          Effects of electron interference on temperature dependent transport properties of two dimensional electron gas at MgZnO/ZnO interfaces

          Applied Physics Letters 107, 102104(1-4) (2015)

43.       Das A., Mukherjee Chandrachur, Kamparath Rajiv, Bose Aniruddha, Singh Shreyashkar D., Phase Deodatta M.*, Rai Sanjay K., Joshi Satish C., Ganguli Tapas,

          Effect of oxygen ion beam bombardment on depth resolved hydrogen distribution in stoichiometric alumina thin films deposited by e-beam evaporation

          Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 33, 052002(1-6) (2015)

44.       Das, G., Kane S.R., Khooha Ajay, Singh A.K., Tiwari M.K.

          Simultaneous measurements of X-ray reflectivity and grazing incidence fluorescence at BL-16 beamline of Indus-2

          Review of Scientific Instruments 86, 055102(1-5) (2015)

45.       Debnath C., Kar S., Verma S., Bartwal K.S.

          Synthesis of LiNbO3 Nanoparticles by Citrate Gel Method

          Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 15, 3757-3763(1-7) (2015)

46.       Deotale Anjali J.*, Nandedkar R.V., Sinha A.K., Upadhyay Anuj, Mondal Puspen, Srivastava A.K., Deb S.K.

          Effect of isochronal annealing on phase transformation studies of iron oxide nanoparticles

          Bulletin of Materials Science 38, 599-606. (2015)

47.       Dixit V.K., Khamari Shailesh K., Manwani Sapna, Porwal S., Alexander K., Sharma T.K., Kher S., Oak S.M.

          Effect of high dose {dollar}-ray irradiation on GaAs p-i-n photodetectors

          Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Section A 785, 93-98 (2015)

48.       Dixit V.K., Marathe A., Bhatt G., Khamari S.K., Rajiv K., Kumar R., Mukherjee C., Panchal C.J.*, Sharma T.K., Oak S.M.

          Evaluation of structural and microscopic properties of tetragonal ZrO2 for the facet coating of 980?nm semiconductor laser diodes

          Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48, 105102(1-10) (2015)


49.       Fakhri A. A., Kant Pradeep, Ghodke A.D., Singh Gurnam,

          Beam emittance reduction during operation of Indus-2

          Review of Scientific Instruments 86, 113305(1-10) (2015)

50.       Fakhri A. A., Kant Pradeep, Singh Gurnam, Ghodke A.D.

          An analytical study of double bend achromat lattice

          Review of Scientific Instruments 86, 033304(1-11) (2015)


51.       Ganesh P., Nagpure D.C., Kaul Rakesh, Gupta R.K., Kukreja L.M.

          Non-destructive Micro-structural Characterization of Metallic Specimens with a Portable X-ray Diffraction based Residual Stress Analyzer

          Studies in Engineering and Technology 2, (2015)

52.       Ghodke D.V., Patel Rashmi*, Senecha V.K., Dutta Papiya*, Kumar Ranjan, Arya B.K., Joshi S.C.

          Study of RF Source Ignition System with Impedance Matching Network for RF Driven H- Ion Source

          International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and  3, (2015)

53.       Gupta P.K., Nema V., Kush P.K.

          Comparative design evaluation of plate fin heat exchanger and coiled finned tube heat exchanger for helium liquefier in the temperature range of 300-80 K

          Indian Journal of Cryogenics 40, (2015)

54.       Gupta P.K., Patel H.S., Ahlawat S.

          Light Based Techniques for Improving Health Care: Studies at RRCAT

          Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 85, 489-499 (2015)

55.       Gupta Prabhat Kumar, Rabehl Roger*

          Design guidelines for avoiding thermo-acoustic oscillations in helium piping systems

          Applied Thermal Engineering 84, 104-109 (2015)

56.       Gupta Pradeep K., Singh C.P., Singh A.J., Sharma S.K., Mukhopadhyay P.K., Bindra K.S., Oak S.M.

          Power amplification characteristics of ultrafast pulses after the NPR port of Yb- doped fiber laser in all normal dispersion configuration

          American Journal of Electronics & Communication 11, 18-23 (2015)

57.       Gupta R.K., Bhardwaj V.K., Agrawal D.K., Kumar Manoj, Upadhyay B.N., Sankar P.Ram, Ganesh P., Kaul R., Oak S.M., Kukreja L.M.

          Study on Laser-Assisted Rejuvenation of Inter-Granular Corrosion Damaged Type 304 Stainless Steel

          Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing 2, 135-147 (2015)

58.       Gupta R.K., Sundar R., Kumar B. Sunil, Ganesh P., Kaul R., Ranganathan K., Bindra, K.S., Kain V., Oak S.M., Kukreja L.M.

          A Hybrid Laser Surface Treatment for Refurbishment of Stress Corrosion Cracking Damaged 304L Stainless Steel

          Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 24, 2569-2576 (2015)



59.       Haque S. Maidul*, Rao K. Divakar*, Misal J.S.*, Tokas R.B.*, Shinde D.D.*, Ramana J.V.*, Rai Sanjay, Sahoo N.K.*

          Study of hafnium oxide thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering under glancing angle deposition at varying target to substrate distance

          Applied Surface Science 353, 459 468 (2015)

60.       Haque S. Maidul*, Sagdeo Pankaj R.*, Sagdeo Archna, Jha S.N.*, Bhattacharyya D.*, Sahoo N.K.*

          Effect of oxygen partial pressure on properties of asymmetric bipolar pulse dc magnetron sputtered TiO2 thin films

          Applied Optics 54, 3817-3825 (2015)

61.       Hari Mohan Rai and Ravikiran Late and Shailendra K Saxena and Vikash Mishra and Rajesh Kumar and P R Sagdeo and Archna

          Room temperature magnetodielectric studies on Mn-doped LaGaO3

          Materials Research Express 2, (2015)

62.       Husain Riyasat, Ghodke A.D., Singh Gurnam,

          Optimal placement of magnets in Indus-2 storage ring

          Chinese Physics C 39, 037002(1-8) (2015)       


63.       Jana Dipankar, Porwal S., Jain Anubha*, Oak S.M., Sharma T.K.

          Origin of fine oscillations in the photoluminescence spectrum of 2-dimensional electron gas formed in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor structures

          Journal of Applied Physics 118, 164502(1-6) (2015)

64.       Jena Saroj Kumar, Husain Riyasat, Gandhi M.L., Agrawal R.K., Yadav S., Ghodke A.D.

          Beam based alignment and its relevance in Indus-2

          Review of Scientific Instruments 86, 093303(1-7) (2015)

65.       Jena Saroj, Ghodke A.D.

          Observation and mitigation of ion trapping in Indus-2

          Pramana: Journal of Physics 85, 1193-1205 (2015)

66.       Jha Himanshu S.*, Yadav Asha*, Singh Mukesh*, Kumar Shailendra, Agarwal Pratima*

          Growth of Wide-Bandgap Nanocrystalline Silicon Carbide Films by HWCVD: Influence of Filament Temperature on Structural and Optoelectronic Properties

          Journal of Electronic Materials 44, 922-928 (2015)



67.       Kaithwas. N.*, Dave M.*, Kar S., Bartwal K.S.

          Preparation and Characterization of Eu:YAG Nanocrystals

          International Journal Of Scientific Research And Education 3, 3059-3064 (2015)

68.       Kale Y.B., Mishra S.R., Tiwari V.B., Singh S., Rawat H.S.

          Resolution of hyperfine transitions in metastable Kr83 using electromagnetically induced transparency

          Physical Review A 91, 053852(1-7) (2015)

69.       Kalkal Yashvir, Kumar Vinit

          Analysis of  erenkov free-electron lasers

          Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 18, 030707(1-13) (2015)

70.       Kamal C., Chakrabarti Aparna, Ezawa  Motohiko*

          Aluminene as highly hole doped graphene

          New Journal of Physics 17, 083014(1-7) (2015)

71.       Kamal C., Ezawa Motohiko

          Arsenene: Two-dimensional buckled and puckered honeycomb arsenic systems

          Physical Review B 91, 085423(1-10) (2015)

72.       Kar S., Debnath C., Verma S., Dhamgaye V.P., Lodha G.S., Bartwal K.S.

          Thermoluminescence studies on single crystal polycrystalline and glass lithium tetraborate samples irradiated by X-rays from Indus-2

          Physica B: Condensed Matter 456, (2015)

73.       Khamari Shailesh K., Porwal S., Oak S.M., Sharma T.K.

          A spin-optoelectronic detector for the simultaneous measurement of the degree of circular polarization and intensity of a laser beam

          Applied Physics Letters 107, 072108(1-5) (2015)

74.       Khan Khan Mohammad, Krishna Hemant, Majumder Shovan Kumar, Gupta Pradeep Kumar

          Detection of Urea Adulteration in Milk Using Near-Infrared Raman Spectroscopy

          Food Analytical Methods 8, 93-102 (2015)

75.       Khan Khan Mohammad, Majumder Shovan Kumar, Gupta Pradeep Kumar

          Cone shell Raman spectroscopy (CSRS) for depth-sensitive measurements in layered tissue

          Journal of Biophotonics 8, 889-896 (2015)

76.       Khan S., Sahu T.*, Kumar V, Haridas G.*

          Bremsstrahlung photon dose measurement inside Indus-2 synchrotron radiation source ring area

          Radiation Protection and Environment 38, 127-129 (2015)

77.       Khan S., Jayabalan J., Singh Asha, Yogi Rachana, Chari Rama

          Probing carrier dynamics of individual layers in a heterostructure using transient reflectivity

          Applied Physics Letters 107, 121905(1-5) (2015)

78.       Khan S., Singh Asha, Yogi Rachana, Jayabalan J., Chari Rama

          Studies on non-radiative recombination in a twodimensional electron gas formed in AlGaAs-GaAs heterostructure

          International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 10, (2015)

79.       Khare J., Rajput P., Joshi M.P., Jha S.N., Bhattacharyya D.*, Kukreja L.M.

          X-ray absorption spectroscopy based investigation of local structure in yttria stabilized zirconia nanoparticles generated by laser evaporation method: Effect of

          Ceramics International 41, 5909-5915 (2015)

80.       Khullar Roma*, Tiwari Shradha, Bhanage Viraj P., Mishra G.*

          Design and analysis of a laser micrometer for undulator gap measurement applications

          Optics and Lasers in Engineering 68, 244-249 (2015)

81.       Khurana Geetika *, Misra Pankaj, Kumar Nitu *, Kooriyattil Sudheendran*, Scott James F.*, Katiyar Ram S.*

          Enhanced resistive switching in forming-free graphene oxide films embedded with gold nanoparticles deposited by electrophoresis

          Nanotechnology 27, (2015)

82.       Kohli D.K., Singh R., Singh A., Bhartiya S., Singh M.K., Gupta  P.K.

          Enhanced salt-adsorption capacity of ambient pressure dried carbon aerogel activated by CO2 for capacitive deionization application

          Desalination and Water Treatment 54, 2825-2831 (2015)

83.       Kumar Abhay et al.

          A New Vacuum Brazing Route for Niobium-316L Stainless Steel Transition Joints for Superconducting RF Cavities

          Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 24, 952-963 (2015)

84.       Kumar Abhay, Ganesh P., Kaul R., Sindal B.K., Yedle K., Bhatnagar V.K,, Sankar.P. Ram,, Singh M.K,, Rai S.K,

          New Brazing Recipe for Ductile Niobium-316L Stainless Steel Joints

          Welding Journal 94, s241- s249 (2015)

85.       Kumar Jitendra, Mahakud Ramakanta, Kumbhkar Umesh, Prakash Om, Dixit Sudhir K., Nakhe Shankar V.

          Analysis of experimental results on the adulteration measurement by an etched fiber Bragg grating sensor

          Optik 126, 5698-5702 (2015)

86.       Kumar Nagesh*, Gupta Bipin Kumar.*, Srivastava A.K., Patel H.S., Kumar Pawan, Banerjee Indradeep*, Narayanan Tharangattu N.*, Varma G.D.*

          Multifunctional Two-Dimensional Reduced Graphene Oxide Thin Film for Gas Sensing and Antibacterial Applications

          Science of Advanced Materials 7, 1125-1136 (2015)

87.       Kumar Nagesh*, Srivastava Arvind Kumar*, Patel Hari Shankar, Gupta Bipin Kumar *, Varma Ghanshyam Das*

          Facile Synthesis of ZnO Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites for NO2 Gas Sensing Applications

          European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2015, 192-1923 (2015)

88.       Kumar Pankaj,, Saini V.K., Purbia G.S., Prakash Om., Dixit S.K., Nakhe S.V.

          Saturation Absorption Spectroscopy of Lithium in Hollow Cathode Lamp

          Advanced Science Letters 21, 2548-2550 (2015)

89.       Kumar Pradeep, Singh Gurnam, Ghodke A.D., Vaishnav H., Singh Pitamber*

          Dependence of loss rate of electrons due to elastic gas scattering on the shape of the vacuum chamber

          Vacuum 120, 67-72 (2015)

90.       Kumar Satish*, Kumar Dhirendra*, Sathe V.G.*, Kumar Ravi, Sharma T.K.

          Absence of low temperature phase transitions and enhancement of ferroelectric transition temperature in highly strained BaTiO3 epitaxial films grown on MgO

          Journal of Applied Physics 17, 134103(1-6) (2015)


91.       Mahakud R., Kumar J., Prakash O., Dixit S.K., Nakhe S.V.

          FBG inscription by a biprism interferometer: analysis and experiment

          Applied Physics B 121, 283-295 (2015)

92.       Mandal S., Kumar S., Bhargava P., Premsingh C.H., Paul C.P., Kukreja L.M.

          An Experimental Investigation and Analysis of PTAW Process

          Materials and Manufacturing Processes 30, 1131-1137 (2015)

93.       Mandal T., Arora V., Tayyab M., Bagchi S., Rathore R., Ramakrishna B., Mukharjee C., Chakera J.A., Naik P.A., Gupta. P.D.

          Study of fast electron transport in thin foil targets irradiated by ultrashort intense laser pulses

          Applied Physics B 119, 281-286 (2015)

94.       Maniraj M.*, D{dollar}Souza S.W.*, Rai Abhishek*, Schlagel D.L.*, Lograsso T.A.*, Chakrabarti Aparna

          Unoccupied electronic structure of Ni2MnGa ferromagnetic shape memory alloy

          Solid State Communications 222, (2015)

95.       Mannepalli Srinivas*, Gupta Ram Kishor, Kumar A. Vinod*, Parvathavarthini N.*, Kamachi Mudali U.*

          Influence of Prior Deformation on the Sensitization Kinetics of Nitrogen Alloyed 316L Stainless Steels

          Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 24, 1848-1855 (2015)

96.       Matin Md., Sharath Chandra L.S., Chattopadhyay M.K., Meena R.K., Kaul Rakesh, Singh M.N., Sinha A.K., Roy S.B.

          Critical current and flux pinning properties of the superconducting Ti V alloys

          Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications 512, 32-41 (2015)

97.       Mirji Santosh*, Bennal A.S.*, Badiger N.M.*, Tiwari M.K., Lodha G.S.

          Chemical sensitivity of K-L vacancy transfer probability in compounds of 3d atoms using synchrotron radiation

          Chemical Physics Letters 634, 271-276 (2015)

98.       Mirji Santosh*, Bennal A.S.*, Krishnananda S., Badiger N.M.*, Tiwari M.K., Lodha, G.S.

          Determination of K-L vacancy transfer probabilities of some 3d elements using Synchrotron radiation

          Canadian Journal of Physics 93, (2015)

99.       Mishra Dileep K.*, Sathe V.G.*, Rawat R.*, Ganesan V.*, Kumar Ravi*, Sharma T.K.

          Controlling phase separation in La5/82y Pry Ca3/8MnO3 (y50.45) epitaxial thin films by strain disorder

          Applied Physics Letters 106, 072401(1-6) (2015)

100.      Mishra G.K., Kumar Abhay, Prakash O., Biswal R., Dixit S.K., Nakhe S.V.

          Flow and thermal characteristics of high Reynolds number (2800 17000) dye cell: simulation and experiment

          Applied Optics 54, 3106-314 (2015)

101.      Mishra G.K., Kumar Abhay, Sharma S.K., Singh A.J., Prakash O., Mukhopadhyay P.K., Bindra K.S., Dixit S.K., Nakhe. S.V.

          Study of output power of very high pulse repetition rate (18 kHz) dye laser pumped by frequency doubled diode pumped Nd: YAG laser ({dollar} ~ 532 nm)

          Laser Physics 25, (2015)

102.      Mishra R.K., Raju D.V.S., Nakhe S.V.

          Note: A novel and robust circuit for jitter reduction in copper vapor laser system

          Review of Scientific Instruments 86, 116107(1-4) (2015)

103.      Mohan S. Raj, Joshi M.P., Shalu C.*, Ghosh C., Mukharjee C., Kukreja L.M.

          Charge transport properties of MDMO PPV thin films cast in different solvents

          Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 53, 1431 1439 (2015)

104.      Mondal Krishnakanta*, Banerjee A., Fortunelli Alessandro*, Ghanty Tapan K.*

          Does Enhanced Oxygen Activation Always Facilitate CO Oxidation on Gold Clusters?

          Journal of Computational Chemistry 36, 2177-2187 (2015)

105.      Mondal Krishnakanta, Kamal C., Banerjee A., Chakrabarti Aparna, Ghanty Tapan K.*

          Silicene: A Promising Surface to Achieve Morphological Transformation in Gold Clusters

          The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119, 3192-3198 (2015)

106.      Mukhopadhyay Pranb K., Gupta Pradeep K., Singh Chandra Pal, Singh Amarjeet, Sharma Sunil K., Bindra Kushvinder S., Oak Shrikant M.

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Compiled by RRCAT SIRC