List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 2023

By Author(A-Z)

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1.       Abbott R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George  J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B. C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R.,  Verma Y. et al.

          Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with Fast Radio Bursts Detected by CHIME/FRB

          during the LIGO�Virgo Observing Run O3a

          The Astrophysical Journal, 955 1-26 (2023)

2.       Abbott R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George  J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B. C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R.,  Verma Y. et al.

          Population of Merging Compact Binaries Inferred Using Gravitational Waves through GWTC-3

          Physical Review X, 13 011048(1-75) (2023)

3.       Abbott R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George  J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B. C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R.,  Verma Y. et al.

          Open Data from the Third Observing Run of LIGO, Virgo, KAGRA, and GEO

          The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 267 269:29 (28pp) (2023)

4.       Abraham S.T.*, Mouni C. T.*, Albert S.K., Sagdeo A., Balasubramaniam K.*, Venkatraman B.*

          An experimental investigation on the combined effect of plastic deformation and grain size variation

          on the acoustic nonlinearity parameter

          Review of Scientific Instruments, 94 024903(1-10) (2023)

5.       Ahad A.*, Gautam K.*, Majid S.S.*, Dey K.*, Sinha A.K. et al.

          Random magnetic anisotropy driven transitions in the layered perovskite LaSrCoO4

          Physical Review B, 107 214405(1-10) (2023)

6.       Ahlawat S., Mukhopadhyay P.K., Singh R., Dixit S.K., Bindra K.S.

          Laser textured superhydrophilic silicon for uniform solidification and sensitive detection of water

          based samples using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

          Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 38 883-892 (2023)

7.       Ahlawat S., Singh A., Mukhopadhyay P., Singh R., Dhamgaye V.P., Dixit S.K, Bindra K.S.

          Analyte enrichment and sensitive detection over nanosecond laser textured stainless steel

          superhydrophobic surfaces

          Materials Chemistry and Physics, 302 127755(1-11) (2023)

8.       Ajimsha R.S., Mahapatra A., Das A.K., Sahu V.K., Misra P.

          High output power density owing to enhanced charge transfer in ZnO-based triboelectric


          Energy, 263 125646 (2023)

9.       Alam md.A., Tiwari M.K., Devi D.*, Tripathi S.*, Trivedi A.*, Ojha S.*, Singh S., Gupta M.*

          Depth profile analysis of 100 keV Ni ions in Si 100 substrate

          Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, 206 106707(1-8) (2023)

10.      Anas M.*, Jain A.*, Gupta M.*, Sagdeo A., Yusuf S.M.*, Maitra T.*, Malik V.K.*

          Structural and magnetic properties of LaVO₃ - Absence of anomalous diamagnetism

          Ceramics International, 49 9672-9680 (2023)

11.      Arya R.*, Bhisikar A. et al.

          Next generation gamma ray shielding blocks developed using alumina industry waste

          Construction and Building Materials, 273 130895(1-11) (2023)

12.      Atta S.*, Narendra Kumar U.*, Kumar K.V.A.N.P.S., Yadav D.P., Dash S.*

          Recent Developments and Applications of TiN-Based Films Synthesized by Magnetron Sputtering

          Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 32 9979�10015 (2023)


13.      Badapanda M.K., Tripathi, A., Upadhyay R., Lad M.

          High Voltage DC Power Supply with Input Parallel and Output Series Connected DC-DC


          IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 38 6764-6768 (2023)

14.      Bairagi S.*, Bartwal K.S., Ansari G.F.*

          Investigations on optical and photoluminescence properties of Dy�⁺ doped zinc tellurite glass

          Materials Today Proceedings, 80 799-805 (2023)

15.      Bairagi S.*, Bartwal K.S., Dhiman S.K.*, Mahajan S.K.*, Ansari G.F.*

          Studies on optical and electronic characteristics of ternary zinc-tellurite glasses with varying Zn

          doping concentration

          Materials Today  Proceedings, 80 427-433 (2023)

16.      Bala N.*, Manju, Goutam U.K., Thakur A.*

          Ga doping induced thermal stabilization of fcc phase in Ge₂Sb₂Te₅ thin films: A step toward power-

          efficient phase change memories

          Journal of Applied Physics, 134 135301(1-7) (2023)

17.      Bera G.*, Surampalli A.*, Prajapat D.*, Mal P.*, Reddy V.R.*, Kumar K.*, Sagdeo A., Das

          P.*, Turpu G.R.*

          An additional simultaneous magnetic ordering and magneto-capacitive behavior with dielectric

          relaxation besides multiferroicity in FeTeₓVO₄

          Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 35 125801(1-11) (2023)

18.      Bhakar A., Taxak M.*, Rai S.K.

          Significance of diffraction peak shapes in determining crystallite size distribution: a peak shape

          analysis procedure for pseudo-Voigt profiles and its application

          Journal of Applied Crystallography, 56 1466-1479 (2023)

19.      Bhardwaj K., Sarkar S., Ram S.P., Tiwari V.B., Mishra S.R.

          A method for loading magneto-optical trap in an ultrahigh vacuum environment

          AIP Advances, 13 015108(1-5) (2023)

20.      Bhatt M.*, Sinha A.K., Bhojane P.*, Singh M.N., Gupta M.*

          Structural and electronic properties of nickel�cobalt carbonate hydroxide hydrate nanostructures

          for high performance supercapacitor applications

          Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 34 1933 (2023)

21.      Bhattacharjee J., Gupta R.K., Singh S.D.

          Assessment of bonding characteristic of β-(AlₓGa₁₋ₓ)₂O₃ alloys from photoluminescence and x-ray

          absorption near edge spectroscopy

          Applied Physics Letters, 122 152104(1-7) (2023)

22.      Bhattacharjee J., Singh S.D.

          Observation of mixed-mode behavior of Raman active phonon modes for β-(AlₓGa₁₋ₓ)₂O₃ alloys

          Applied Physics Letters, 122 112101(1-7) (2023)

23.      Bhattacharya J., Chakrabarti A.

          Electronic and transport properties of Heusler alloy based magnetic tunneling junctions: A first

          principles study

          Computational Materials Science, 216 111852(1-15) (2023)

24.      Bhattacharya J., Dutt R., Chakrabarti A.

          Ab-initio predictions of mechanical, electronic, magnetic, and transport properties of bulk and

          heterostructure of a novel Fe-Cr based full Heusler chalcogenide

          Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, *       111307(1-12) (2023)

25.      Bhattacharya J., Sadhukhan P.*, Sarkar S.*, Singh V.K., Gloskovskii A.*, Barman S.R.*,

          Chakrabarti A.

          Bulk electronic structure of Ni 2 MnGa studied by density functional theory and hard x-ray

          photoelectron spectroscopy

          Physical Review B, 108 L121114(1-9) (2023)



26.      Chakravarty U. ,  , Khare J., Joshi M.P., Mukherjee C., Singh R.

          Broad band optical absorption and thermoplasmonic response from bio-inspired hierarchical

          copper nanostructures fabricated by pulsed laser deposition

          Optics & Laser Technology, 167 109772(1-14) (2023)

27.      Chakravarty U., Kumar A., Kuruvilla A., Asok A.*, Jain R.K., Singh R., Ekka B., Upadhyaya

          B.N., Bindra K.S.

          Thulium-doped all-fiber laser oscillator with more than 100 W of output power at 1940 nm and

          study of self-pulsing behaviour

          Optics & Laser Technology, 164 109452 (2023)

28.      Chandan A.K.*, Rai S.K. et al.

          Evading the strength-ductility compromise in medium manganese steel by a novel low temperature

          warm rolling treatment

          Materials Characterization, 206 113445 (2023)

29.      Chandra J., Rao P.N., Rai S., Manekar M.

          Effect of Chemo-mechanical Polishing on the Surface and Superconducting Properties of Niobium

          Coupons: A Comparative Study

          Journal of  Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, 36 777�791 (2023)

30.      Changdar S.*, Ghosh S.*, Vijay K.*, Vijay K., Kar I.*, Routh S.*, Maheshwari P. K.*, Ghorai

          S.*, Banik S., Thirupathaiah S.*

          Nonmagnetic Sn doping effect on the electronic and magnetic properties of antiferromagnetic

          topological insulator MnBi2Te4

          Physica B: Condensed Matter, 657 414799(1-8) (2023)

31.      Chaturvedi A., Mondal P., Srihari V.*, Joshi M.P.

          Visible light sensitive Au�TiO₂ nanocomposites formed by effective attachment of Au with TiO₂

          nanoparticles using liquid-phase pulsed-laser ablation

          Optical Materials, 138 113732(1-7) (2023)

32.      Chetia S.K., Das A.K., Ajimsha R.S., Singh R., Padhi P.S., Misra P.

          Al₂O₃ barrier layer for enhancing UV to visible rejection ratio in p-Si/n-MgZnO heterojunction

          visible blind UV photodetectors

          Physica B: Condensed Matter, 663 415021 (2023)



33.      Daiya D., Patidar R.K., Moorti A., Benerji N.S., Bindra K.S.

          Online monitoring and active control of alignment errors in a tiled grating assembly using single

          wedge plate

          Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 161 107355 (2023)

34.      Daiya D., Patidar R.K., Moorti A., Kamath M.P., Benerji N.S.

          A 90� retro-reflecting mirror based autocorrelator for temporal duration and pulse front tilt

          measurements of ultra-short laser pulse

          Applied Physics B, 129 152(1-9) (2023)

35.      Das A.K., Sahu V.K., Ajimsha R.S., Misra P.

          Ultrafast self-powered visible blind UV photodetectors based on MgZnO vertical Schottky junction

           in crossbar geometry

          Sensors And Actuators A-physical, 362 114612 (2023)

36.      Dasgupta R., Shovan K.M.

          A simulation of undiagnosed population and excess mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic

          Results in Control and Optimization, 12 100262(1-15) (2023)

37.      Dastider S.G.*, Abhishek R.*, Banerjee A., Haldar K.K.*, Fortunelli A.*, Mondal K.*

          Does Water Play a Crucial Role in the Growth of ZnO Nanoclusters in ZnO/Cu Catalyst?

          Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 127 8993-9001 (2023)

38.      Deshmukh P.S.*, Yadav S., Sathiaraj G.D.*, Paul C.P.

          Nano to macro-mechanical properties of laser directed energy deposited CoCrNi medium entropy


          Materials Today Communications, 35 106351(1-12) (2023)

39.      Dhamgaye V., Laundy D.*, Khosroabadi H.*, Moxham T.*, Baldock S.*, Fox O.*, Sawhney


          Alvarez varifocal X-ray lens

          Nature Communications, 14 4582 (2023)

40.      Dhole V.J.*, Souframanien J.*, Reddy K.S.*, Petwal V.C.

          Comparison of effectiveness and efficiency of electron beam over gamma rays to induce novel

          mutations in mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek)

          Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 194 110719(1-9) (2023)

41.      Dutt R., Chakrabarti A.

          Effect of substitution of 3d, 4d and 5d elements on structural, electronic, magnetic properties and

          XMCD spectra of Co-based full Heusler alloys: A DFT study

          AIP Advances, 13 1-5 (2023)

42.      Dutt R., Chakrabarti A.

          First-principles study to probe the effect of substitution at X and Z sites on the electronic, magnetic

          and transport properties of Co₂X(V, Nb, Ta)Z(Al, Ga, In, Si, Ge, Sn) Heusler alloys

          Solid State Communications, 359 115022 (2023)

43.      Dutt S., Rambadey O.V.*, Sagdeo P.R.*, Sagdeo A.

          Absence of presumed ferroelectricity in methylammonium lead chloride single crystals representing

          organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites

          Materials Chemistry and Physics, 295 127169 (2023)

44.      Dwari G.*, Banik S. et al.

          Large unsaturated magnetoresistance and electronic structure studies of single-crystal GdBi

          Physical Review B, 107 235117(1-11) (2023)

45.      Dwivedi P.K.*, Rai A.K., Ganesh P., Ranganathan K., Bindra K.S., Dutta K.*

          Effect of Laser Shock Peening on Microstructure and Micro-texture Evolution in High-Strength

          Low-Alloy Steel upon Electrochemical Interaction

          Journal of  Materials Engineering and Performance, 32 1-17 (2023)

46.      Dwivedi P.K.*, Sivateja C.*, Rai A.K., Ganesh P., Basu A.*, Dutta K.*

          A comparative assessment of the effects of laser shock peening and ultrasonic shot peening on

          surface integrity and ratcheting fatigue performance of HSLA steel

          International Journal of Fatigue, 176 107902 (2023)


47.      Fakhri A.A., Kant P.

          Double bend achromat structure for insertion devices

          Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Section A, 1049 168049(1-7) (2023)


48.      Gangwar A.*, Balusu S.S.*, Banerjee A.

          Neural network learned Pauli potential for the advancement of orbital-free density functional theory

          The Journal of Chemical Physics, 159 124114(1-10) (2023)

49.      Gaur A.*, Pundir V.*, Kaur R.*, Jha S.N., Bagchi V.*

          Curtailing the Excess e?-Orbital Filling of a Ni Atom by Enhanced Interatomic Charge Transfer

          within a Bimetallic 2D Metal�Organic Framework for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

          ACS Applied Energy Materials, 6 5360-5367 (2023)

50.      Gayathri V.*, Amaladass E.P.*, Sathyanarayana A.T.*, Kumary T.G.*, Pandian R.*, Gupta P.,

          Rai S.K., Mani A.*

          Interfacial interaction driven enhancement in the colossal magnetoresistance property of ultra-thin

          heterostructure of Pr₀.₆Sr₀.₄MnO₃ in proximity with Pr₀.₅Ca₀.₅MnO₃

          Scientific Reports, 13 2315(1-13) (2023)

51.      Ghosal A.M.*, Gupta R.K., Chandra K.*, Bhardwaj V., Upadhyaya B.N., Ganesh P.

          Laser surface melting of 304L SS: increase in resistance to transpassive dissolution and pitting


          Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology, 58 1-14 (2023)

52.      Ghosh S.*, Ghosh H.

          As -edge absorption at high pressures in AFeAs (A=Na/Li): First principles results

          Journal of Electron Spectroscopy And Related Phenomena, 263 147286(1-11) (2023)

53.      Gopal K.*, Singh A.P.*, Kundu M.*, Upadhyay A., Varshney P.*

          Mid-Infrared Radiation from Semiconductor Plasmas Using Extraordinary Mode of Lasers

          Brazilian Journal of Physics, 53 118 (2023)

54.      Gopi D.*, Karthika A.*, Rajeswari D.*, Kavitha L.*, Pramod R., Dwivedi J.

          Retraction: Investigation on corrosion protection and mechanical performance of minerals

          substituted hydroxyapatite coating on HELCDEB-treated titanium using pulsed electrodeposition

          RSC Advances, 13 10015-10015 (2023)

55.      Goud B.K.*, Shinde D.D*, Kamath M.P., Kumar R.S.*, Raju S.D.V.S.J.*, (Kumar K.*, Sanyal

          D.N.*, Rao K.D.*, Sinha S.K.*, Udupa D.V.*

          Pressure tube replica imaging system for PHWR reactors based on optical coherence tomography

          Annals of Nuclear Energy, 189 109837 (2023)

56.      Gowri N.B.*, Srikanth S.*, Tiwari M.K., Naga R.G.J.*, Sarita P.*

          Analysis of serum trace elemental content in pre-post chemotherapy breast cancer patients using

          synchrotron radiation based X-ray fluorescence

          nuclear and particle physics proceedings, 341 19-21 (2023)

57.      Gupta P.K., Singh C.P., Mukhopadhyay P.K., Dixit S.K., Bindra K.S.

          Vector dark�bright pulses from a ytterbium doped fiber laser mode-locked by nonlinear multimode


          Laser Physics, 33 045105(1-5) (2023)

58.      Gupta R.K., Rai A.K., Nagpure D.C., Biswal R., Ganesh P., Rai S.K., Ranganathan K., Bindra

          K.S., Kaul R.

          Improvement of Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance of Shear Cut 304L Stainless Steel through

          Laser Shock Peening

          Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 32 1-11 (2023)

59.      Gupta S., Sinha M.*, Dhawan R., Jangir R., Bose A., Gupta P., Swami M.K., Modi M.H.

          Study of oxidation behaviour of Ruthenium thin film after thermal annealing in oxygen environment

          Thin Solid Films, 764 139606 (2023)


60.      Haribabu S.*, Sudha C.*, Paul C.P., George A.*, Dasgupta A.*, Bindra K.S.

          Phase Selection and Microstructure Evolution in Laser Additive Manufactured Ni-Based

          Hardfacing Alloy Bush

          Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 55 218-231 (2023)

61.      Hegde G.S.*, Prabhu A.N.*, Chattopadhyay M.K.

          Influence of indium and selenium co-doping on structural and thermoelectric properties of Bi₂Te₃


          Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronic, 34 1234(1-18) (2023)

62.      Hinge V.K.*, Bairagi M.*, Yadav N.*, Shrivastavab B.D.*, Jha S.N., Bhattacharya D., Gaur A.*

          XAFS study of mixed ligand benzimidazole copper complexes having distorted coordination


          Journal of Molecular Structure, 1289 135909 (2023)

64.      Hong W.*, Zhou H.*, Li Z.*, Li Y.*, Stuhr U.*, Pokhriyal A., Ghosh H. et al.

          Interlayer coupling in the superconducting state of iron-based superconductors

          Physical Review B, 107 224514(1-11) (2023)


65.      Jamal M.S.*, Gupta P., Sergeev I.*, Leupold O.*, Kumar D.*

          Interface-resolved study of magnetism in MgO/FeCoB/MgO trilayers using x-ray standing wave


          Physical Review B, 107 075416(1-11) (2023)

66.      Jamal md. s.*, Singh S.*, Dev A.S.*, Gupta N., Gupta P. et al.

          Atypical magnetism in Pt/MgO/FeCoB/Pt waveguide structure by exchanging the order of MgO

          and FeCoB layers

          Acta Materialia, 257 119150 (2023)

67.      Jegadeesan P.*, Sen S.*, Padmaprabu C.*, Srivastava S.K., Das A.*, Amirthapandian S.*

          Morphological and optical investigations on Gd₂O₃ nanostructures

          Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 150 110493 (2023)

68.      Jena S.*, Choi W.Y.*, Gardner J.*, Jung M.H.*, Srivastava S.K., Verma V.K., Amemiya K.*,

          Singh V.R.

          Evolution of bulk magnetic structure in MnSi thin film: a soft x-ray magnetic circular dichroism study

          Physica Scripta, 98 075927 (2023)

69.      Jogi J.K.*, Singh S., Hirpara B.*, Jangir R., Tanna A.R.*, Korot. K.*, Shah N.*, Singhal S.K.*

          Thermal and laser irradiation effects on dielectric properties of zinc ferrite

          Materials Today Proceedings, 91 7-11 (2023)


70.      Kamlesh P.*, Mehra P.*, Tavar D.*, (Prakash S.*, Sharma R.K., Srivastava A.K.*, Paul A.*,

          Singh A.*

          One-Step High-Temperature Electrodeposition of Fe-Based Films as Efficient Water Oxidation


          Langmuir, 39 6088�6101 (2023)

71.      Kaur N.*, Khanna A.*, Kaur P.*, Singh M.N., Sinha A.K.

          Comparative study of the short-range structure of α-V₂O₅, α-TeO₂ and xV₂O₅�(100 − x)TeO₂

          glasses using X-ray diffraction, Rietveld analysis and reverse Monte Carlo simulations

          Acta Crystallographica Section B-structural Science Crystal , 79 1-9 (2023)

72.      Khan A.K.*, Wani S.S.*, Shaikh A., Yamin Y.*, Shah N.A.*, Aitenov Y.O.*, Faizal M.*, Lone


          Deformation of nanowires and nanotubes

          Europhysics Letters, 141 52001(1-7) (2023)

73.      Khan S.*, Vasudevan S.*, Maurya M.*, Ansari M.S.

          Development of a Compact, Cost-Effective Photoacoustic Spectral Response Measurement

          System for Biomedical Applications

          IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 72 4007611(1-11) (2023)

74.      Koner S., Satapathy. S., Deshmukh P., Sharma R.K., Sahoo P.K.*, Majumder S.K.

          Intercorrelations of structural-magnetic properties of La₀.₇A₀.₃MnO₃ (A=Ba, Sr, Pb) manganites

          and the energy harvesting applications of their flexible nanocomposite films

          Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 968 172249(1-15) (2023)

75.      Kumar A.*, Swain S.*, Upadhyay J., Upalekar Y.*, Arya R., Prabhudesai V.S.*

          Predissociation dynamics of negative-ion resonances of H2 near 12 and 14.5 eV using the velocity

          slice imaging technique

          Physical Review A, 107 062803(1-9) (2023)

76.      Kumar A.*, Zzaman M.*, KUmari A.*, Franklin J.B.*, Srivastava S., Verma V.K.*, Amemiya

          K.*, Miura Y.*

          Magnetic properties of Cr-doped VO₂ thin films in tetragonal phase of rutile and their synchrotron-

          based electronic structures

          Journal of Applied Physics, 134 035304 (2023)

77.      Kumar A., Kamal C.

          Unpinned Dirac-Fermions in Carbon�Phosphorus�Arsenic-Based Ternary Monolayers

          Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 127 23370�23381 (2023)

78.      Kumar M., Singhal H., Chakera J. A.

          Design and performance of a double-solenoid magnetic bottle photoelectron spectrometer for

          attosecond metrology

          Review of Scientific Instruments, 94 023303(1-11) (2023)

79.      Kumari A.*, Zaman M.*, Singh V.R.*, Ghosh A.*, Sahoo S.K.*, Rahaman A.*, Mandal S.K.,

          Bhunia S.

          An Alternative Approach to Study Photo-catalytic Behavior of TiO₂ Using Synchrotron-Based

          Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques

          Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 32 10391-10401 (2023)


80.      Lakhani P.*, Chodvadiya D.*, Jha P.K.*, Gupta V.K.*, Trzybiński D.*, Wozniak K.*,

          Kurzydłowski K., Goutam U.K., Srivastava H., Modi C.K.*

          DFT stimulation and experimental insights of chiral Cu(ii)�salen scaffold within the pocket of

          MWW-zeolite and its catalytic study�

          Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 25 14374-14386 (2023)

81.      Lakhani P.*, Kane S., Srivastava H., Goutam U.K.*, Modi C.K.*

          Sustainable approach for the synthesis of chiral β-aminoketones using an encapsulated chiral

          Zn(ii)�salen complex�

          RSC Sustainability, 7 1569-1898 (2023)


82.      Mahapatra A., Ajimsha R.S. et al.

          Textile-integrated MoS₂-PDMS single electrode triboelectric nanogenerator for vibrational energy

          harvesting and biomechanical motion sensing

          Nano Energy, 116 108829 (2023)

83.      Mahapatra A., Ajimsha R.S., Ittoop M.O., Sharma A.*, Karmakar S., Shaikh A., Sankar P.R.,

          Misra P.

          Flexible ZnO:PVDF based free standing piezoelectric nanogenerator for vibrational energy

          harvesting and wearable shoe insole pedometer sensor

          Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 960 170898 (2023)

84.      Mandal T., Arora V., Moorti A., Uphadhyay A., Chakera J.A.

          Addressing key aspects of J � B driven MeV fast electron generation in ultra-short ultra-intense

          laser foil interaction

          Physics of Plasmas, 30 023106 (2023)

85.      Mangavati S.*, Gurukrishna K.*, Rao A.*, Petwal V.C., Verma V.P., Dwivedi J.

          Enhancement of thermoelectric power factor in Cu₂Se superionic conductor via high energy

          electron beam irradiation

          Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 34 87 (2023)

86.      Manivannan S.*, Mandal D.*, Dabhade P.A.*, Chamfekar M.*, Paul C.P.

          Decomposition kinetics of sodium amalgam in fixed bed of WC-coated tubular SS-304 packing:

          Modelling and validation

          Asia-Pacific  Journal of Chemical Engineering, 18 e2893 (2023)

87.      Maru B.A.*, Bhatt G.J.*, Lad U.*, Deota P.T.*, Kane S., Goutam U.K., Modi C.K.*

          Fe@g-C₃N₄: an effective photocatalyst for Baeyer�Villiger oxidation under visible light condition

          New Journal of  Chemistry, 47 9797-9805 (2023)

88.      Maurya A.K.*, Kumar A.*, Saini S.K.*, Paul C.P.

          Study of build rate in laser directed energy deposition

          Manufacturing Technology Today, 22 39�44 (2023)

89.      Mishra N.K.*, Shwetabh K.*, Gautam U.K., Kumar K.*

          Probing multimodal light emission from Tb�⁺/Yb�⁺-doped garnet nanophosphors for lighting


          Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 25 11756-11770 (2023)

90.      Mishra S.*, Rudrapal K.K.*, Jana B.*, Islam K.P.*, Sagdeo A., Chaudhuri A.R.*, Adyam V.*,

          Choudhury D.*

          Structural origin of room-temperature ferroelectricity in spark-plasma sintered DyCrO3 and LaCrO3

          Physical Review B, 107 214104 (2023)

91.      Mistry K.A.*, Shenoy N.S.*, Bhanja K.*, Kohli D.K., Shenoy K.T.*

          Modeling and experimental investigation for development of Combined Electrolysis and Catalytic

          Exchange process for hydrogen isotope separation

          Chemical Engineering Research & Design, 192 487-499 (2023)

92.      Modi M.H., Gupta R.K., Yadav P.K., Gupta S., Mukherjee C., Idir M.*

          Effect of electronic transitions on near edge opticalproperties of off-stoichiometric boron carbide

          thin films

          Journal of Applied Physics, 133 165302(1-8) (2023)

93.      Motwani K., Ghodke D.V., Amban A., Kuchunarayanan M.K., Ansari M.S., Prasad V.

          Constant current pulsed power supply for long pulse arc discharge positive hydrogen ion source

          Review of Scientific Instruments, 94 103305(1-8) (2023)

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