List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 2022

By Author(A-Z)

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1.       Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          All-sky search for gravitational wave emission from scalar boson clouds around spinning black

          holes in LIGO O3 data

          Physical Review D, 105, 102001(2022)

2.       Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          All-sky, all-frequency directional search for persistent gravitational waves from Advanced LIGO�s

          and Advanced Virgo�s first three observing runs

          Physical Review D, 105, 122001(2022)

3.       Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          Constraints on dark photon dark matter using data from LIGO�s and Virgo�s third observing run

          Physical Review D, 105, 063030(2022)

4.       Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          First joint observation by the underground gravitational-wave detector KAGRA with GEO 600

          Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, (2022)


5.       Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          Narrowband Searches for Continuous and Long-duration Transient Gravitational Waves from

          Known Pulsars in the LIGO-Virgo Third Observing Run

          The Astrophysical Journal, 932, 1-27(2022)

6.       Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          Search for continuous gravitational wave emission from the Milky Way center in O3 LIGO-Virgo


          Physical Review D, 106, 042003(2022)

7.       Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          Search for continuous gravitational waves from 20 accreting millisecond x-ray pulsars in O3 LIGO


          Physical Review D, 105, 022002(2022)

8.       Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts Detected by Fermi and Swift

          during the LIGO-Virgo Run O3b

          The Astrophysical Journal, 928, 186(1-20)(2022)

9.       Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          Search for gravitational waves from Scorpius X-1 with a hidden Markov model in O3 LIGO data

          Physical Review D, 106, 062002(2022)

10.      Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          Search for intermediate-mass black hole binaries in the third observing run of Advanced LIGO and

          Advanced Virgo

          Astronomy & Astrophysics, 659, A84(2022)

11.      Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          Search for Subsolar-Mass Binaries in the First Half of Advanced LIGO�s and Advanced Virgo�s

          Third Observing Run

          Physical Review Letters, 129, 061104(1-16)(2022)

12.      Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          Search of the early O3 LIGO data for continuous gravitational waves from the Cassiopeia A and

          Vela Jr. supernova remnants

          Physical Review D, 105, 082005(2022)

13.      Abbot R.*, Bhandare A., Chaturvedi M., Dave I., George J., Khursheed M., Malik A., Pai A.,

          Pant B.C., Raja S., Rajan C., Sharma P., ShyamSundar S., Thondapu R., Verma Y. et al.

          Searches for Gravitational Waves from Known Pulsars at Two Harmonics in the Second and Third

          LIGO-Virgo Observing Runs

          The Astrophysical Journal, 935, 1(1-29)(2022)

14.      Ahlawat, A.*, Khan, A.A., Deshmukh, P., Bhartiya, S., Satapathy, S., Shirolkar, M.M.*, Wang,

          H.*, Choudhary, R.J.*

          Strain assisted magnetoelectric coupling in ordered nanomagnets of

          CoFeO/SrRuO/(Pb(Mg/Nb/)O₃-PbTiO) heterostructures

          Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 34, (2022)


15.      Ahlawat, A., Khan, A.A., Deshmukh, P., Shirolkar, M.S.*, Sinha, A.K., Satapathy, S., .Sathe,

          V.G.*, Choudhary, R.J.*

          Correlation between spin-phonon coupling and magneto-electric effects in CoFeO/PMN-PT

          nanocomposite: Raman spectroscopy and XMCD study

          Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 33, (2022)


16.      Alam, Md A., Tiwari, M.K., Trivedi, A., Khooha, A., Singh, A.K.

          Improvement of limit of detection sensitivities in the parts per billion range using conventional

          geometry synchrotron radiation excited EDXRF measurements

          Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 37, 575-583(2022)

17.      Alam, Md. A., Tiwari, M.K., Khooha, A., Nayak, M., Mukherjee, C.

          Structural characterization of Au/Cr bilayer thin films using combined X-ray reflectivity and grazing

          incidence X-ray fluorescence measurements

          Surface and Interface Analysis, 54, 1032-1040(2022)

18.      Alam, Md.A., Trivedi, A., Tiwari, M.K., Devi, D.*, Rai, S., Gupta, M.*, Avasthi, D.K.*

          Depth profiling of energetic Au ions inside P-type Si 0 0 substrate

          Applied Surface Science, 579, 152173(1-7)(2022)

19.      Alberto, G.F.*, Kamal, C. et al.

          Experimental and Theoretical Core Level and Valence Band Analysis of Clean Perovskite Single

          Crystal Surfaces

          Small, 18, 2106450(1-12)(2022)

20.      Amin, R.*, Samantaray, K.*, Ayaz, S.*, Sarangi, S.N.*, Bhaumik, I., Sen, S.*

          Room temperature multiferroicity with enhanced ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties in


          Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 897, 162734(2022)

21.      Ansari, A., Kumar, M., Singhal, H., Chakera, J.A.

          The effect of gas-density gradient on high-harmonic generation from neon-filled cells using annular

          and Gaussian laser beams

          Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 55, 165602(1-15)(2022)

22.      Asirvatham, J.*, Luong, M.A.*, Baraik, K., Ganguli, T., Claverie, A.*, Kanjilal, A.*

          Revealing the Impact of Prestructural Ordering in GaSb Thin Films

          Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126, 15405-15414(2022)

23.      Aswal, D.K.*, Nakhe, S.,V., Shukla, P.*, Chaudhary, N.*, Ganguli, T., Upadhyay, B.N.

          An overview of key enabling technologies for DAE�s nuclear programme

          Current Science, 123, 353-360(2022)



24.      Badapanda, M.K., Tripathi, A., Upadhyay, R., Lad, M.

          High Voltage DC Power Supply with Input Parallel and Output Series Connected DC-DC


          IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 38, 1-5 (2022)

25.      Bajaj, N.*, Khandelwal, A. et al.

          Sublinear temperature dependence of thermal conductivity in the incommensurate phase of TlInTe2

          Physical Review B, 106, 214101(1-8) (2022)

26.      Banerjee, C., Singh, M.P.

          Imprint of the temporal envelope of ultra-short laser pulses on the longitudinal momentum spectrum

          of e+e− pairs

          Physical Review D, 105, 076021(1-15) (2022)

27.      Banik, S. et al.,

          Spin reorientation transition driven by polaronic states in NdCuO

          Materials Advances, 3, 1-10 (2022)

28.      Baral, M., Ganguli, T., Chakrabarti, A.

          Investigation of structural, magnetic and electronic properties of CoMnSb superstructure: A DFT


          Computational Materials Science, 210, 111441(1-13) (2022)

29.      Baral, M., Srihari, V.*, Bhakar, A.*, Chattopadhyay, M.K., Tiwari, P., Chakrabarti, A.

          Revealing superstructure ordering in Co1+xMnSb Heusler alloys and its effect on structural,

          magnetic, and electronic properties

          Physical Review B, 105, 184106(1-12) (2022)

30.      Bharadwaj, V., Rai, A.K., Upadhyaya, B.N., Singh, R., Rai, S.K., Bindra, K.S.

          A study on effect of heat input on mode of welding, microstructure and mechanical strength in

          pulsed laser welding of Zr-2.5 wt.%Nb alloy

          Journal of Nuclear Materials, 564, 153685 (2022)

31.      Bhardwaj, V., Upadhyaya, B.N., Bindra, S.K.

          Mathematical model to study the keyhole formation in pulsed Nd:YAG laser welding of SS 316L

          material and its experimental verification

          Journal of Laser Applications, 34, 032010(1-15) (2022)

32.      Bhartiya, S., Singh, R., Singh, A., Balal, M.*, Bhardwaj, P.*, Kohli, D.K., Singh, M.K.

          Nitrogen-doped carbon aerogel synthesis by solvothermal gelation for supercapacitor application

          Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 26, (2022)


33.      Bhattacharjee, J., Sagdeo, A., Singh, S.D.

          Determination of Al occupancy and local structure for β-(AlₓGa₁₋ₓ)O alloys across nearly full

          composition range from Rietveld analysis

          Applied Physics Letters, 120, 0091621(1-7) (2022)

34.      Bhattacharjee, J., Singh, S.D.

          Temperature dependence of red luminescence in pure β-GaO: An estimation of electron-

          phonon interaction

          Solid State Communications, 352, 114831 (2022)

35.      Bhisikar, A., Singh, M.N., Khantwal, N., Sinha, A.K.*

          Effect of microstructural parameters of ball-milled Si powder on reactivity with water to produce

          H: Way forward for on-demand H production

          Materials Today Communications, 33, 104138(1-10) (2022)

36.      Biswal, R., Prakash, O., Dixit, S.K.

          Studies on high power second-harmonic deep-UV generation from a high repetition-rate Cu-HBr


          Laser Physics, 32, 125002 (2022)


37.      Carry, M.W.*, Mrinaleni, S.*, Amaladass, E.P.*, Pandian, M.S.*, Rathan, S.V.*, Ramasamy,

          P.*, Mani, A.*, Bhaumik, I.

          Fermi energy-level shift of p-type AgBiSe single crystal featuring semiconductor-to-metal

          transition at cryogenics

          ACS Applied Materials& Interfaces, 37, 065023 (2022)

38.      Chakraborty, S.*, Sivasubramanian, V.*, Singh, M.N., Upadhyay, A.*, Sinha, A.K., Ravindran,


          Pressure-induced variations of medium-range order in BO glasses

          Bulletin of Materials Science, 45, 190 (2022)

39.      Chandra, J.*, Singh, R., Manekar, M.*

          Physical aging and rejuvenation in the vortex matter of superconducting Nb₅₀Zr₅₀

          Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 34, 315101(1-9) (2022)

40.      Chaoudhary, S.*, Dewasi, A.*, Ghosh, S., Choudhary, R.J.*, Phase, D.M.*, Ganguli, T. et al.

          X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis of the p-NiO/n-Si

          heterostructure system grown by pulsed laser deposition

          Thin Solid Films, 743, 139077 (2022)

41.      Chaturvedi, M., Bhandare, R., Kumar, S., Verma, Y., Raja, S.

          A compact full Stokes polarimeter

          Optik, 267, 169645 (2022)

42.      Chauhan, V.*, Deshmukh, P., Satapathy, S., Pandey, P.C.*

          Greenish-yellow emission from rare-earth free Li doped zinc vanadate phosphor

          Results in Physics, 39, 105689(1-11) (2022)

43.      Chauhan, V.*, Rao, P.N. et al.

          Nanoarchitectonics with electrochemical additive manufacturing process for printing the reduced

          graphene oxide

          Applied Physics A, 128, 458 (2022)

44.      Chetia, S.K., Das, A.K., Ajimsha, R.S., Banik, S., Singh, S., Padhi, P.S., Sharma, T.K., Misra, P.

          Blocking Si-Induced Visible Photoresponse in n-MgₓZn₁-ₓO/p-Si  Heterojunction UV

          Photodetectors Using MgO Barrier Layer

          Physica Status Solidi A, 219, 2200285 (2022)

45.      Chetia, S.K., Rajput, P.*, Ajimsha, R.S., Singh, S., Das, A.K., Kumar, R., Padhi, P.S., Sinha,

          A.K., Jha, S.N.*, Sharma, T.K., Misra, P.

          Bandgap tunability and local structure of MgₓZn-ₓO (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) thin films grown by RF magnetron


          Applied Physics A, 128, 724 (2022)

46.      Dev, A.S.*, Bera, A.K.*, Gupta, P., Srihari, V.*, Pandit, P.*, Betker, M.*, Schwartzkopf, M*,

          Roth, S.V.*, Kumar, D.*

          Oblique angle deposited FeCo multilayered nanocolumnar structure: Magnetic anisotropy and its

          thermal stability in polycrystalline thin films

          Applied Surface Science, 590, 153056 (2022)

47.      Dey, K.*, Tripathy, A.*, Sahu, S.R.*, Srivastava, H., Sagdeo, A., Strempfer, J.*, Shukla, D.K.*

          Monoclinic symmetry at the nanoscale in lead-free ferroelectric BaZrxTi1−xO3 ceramics

          Physical Review B, 105, 174202(1-7) (2022)


48.      Dixit, P.*, Pandey, P.K.*, Chauhan, V.*, Deshmukh, P., Satapathy, S., Pandey, P.C.*

          Improvement in white light emission of Dy� doped CaMoO via Zn� co-doping

          Methods and Applications in Fluorescence, 10, 044003 (2022)

49.      Dubey, D.N., Singh, G., Singh, A.K., Tripathi, S.

          Role of  phonon mode in the enhancement of ferroelectric polarization in a perovskite-based eco-

          friendly functional material

          Europhysics Letters, 140, 26003 (2022)

50.      Dutt, R., Bhattacharya, J., Chakrabarti, A.

          Investigation of mechanical, lattice dynamical, electronic and thermoelectric properties of half

          Heusler chalcogenides: A DFT study

          Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 167, 110704 (2022)

51.      Dwivedi, P.K.*, Vinjamuri, R.*, Rai, A.K., Ganesh, P., Ranganathan, K., Bindra, K.S.

          Effect of laser shock peening on ratcheting strain accumulation, fatigue life and bulk texture

          evolution in HSLA steel

          International Journal of Fatigue, 163, 107033 (2022)


52.      Gangwar, A.*, Bulusu, S.S.*, Banerjee, A.

          Feed-forward neural networks for fitting of kinetic energy and its functional derivative

          Chemical Physics Letters, 801, 139718 (2022)

53.      Garg, V.K.*, Tanta, A.*, Srivastav, A.L.*, Tiwari, M.K., Sharma, A.*, Kanwar, V.S.*

          Water quality assessment using synchrotron-based TXRF

          Water Environment Research, 94, e10759 (2022)

54.      Gaur, R., Kumar, V.

          Numerical study on the impact of errors in a 325 MHz radiofrequency quadrupole and assessing

          the validity of quasistatic approximation in the analysis

          Pramana: Journal of Physics, 96, 126(1-12) (2022)

55.      Gawai, U.*, Kamble, S.*, Kamble, C.*, Waghmare, Y.*, Kulkari, S.*, Singh, M., Yadav, A.*,

          Jha, S.*, Dole, B.*

          Local structural study of α-MoO micro-strips using synchrotron X-ray diffraction and X-ray

          Absorption Spectroscopy at Mo K-edge

          The European Physical Journal Applied Physics, 97, 1-7 (2022)

56.      Gawai, U.P.*, Singh, M.N. et al.

Microwave-Assisted Coprecipitation Synthesis and Local Structural Investigation on NiO, β-Ni(OH)/CoO Nanosheets, and CoO Nanorods Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

          ACS Omega, 7, 6700-6709 (2022)

57.      Ghosh, S., Ghosh, H.

          Core electron spectroscopic studies on new structure type iron based superconductors

          CaKFeAs and KCaFeAsF: DFT predictions

          Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 160, 110310(1-18) (2022)

58.      Ghosh, S., Ghosh, H.

          Excitonic Effects in Fe/As K-Edge Absorption for Iron Based Superconductors: A Combined DFT

           and BSE Analysis

          Advanced Theory and Simulations, 5, 2100525 (2022)

59.      Ghosh, S., Ghosh, H.

          Pressure induced Lifshitz transition and anomalous crystal field splitting in AFeAs (A = Li/Na) Fe-

          based superconducting compounds: A first principles study

          Computational Materials Science, 204, 111170 (2022)

60.      Ghosh, S., Nand, M.*, Kamparath, R., Gupta, M.*, Phase, D.M.*, Jha, S.N.*, Singh, S.D.,

          Ganguli, T.

          Electronic structure modification in Fe-substituted β-GaO from resonant photoemission and soft

           x-ray absorption spectroscopies

          Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 55, 185304(1-10) (2022)

61.      Gupta, M.*, Rambadey, O.*, Shirbhate, S.C.*, Acharya, S.*, Sagdeo, A., Sagdeo, P.*

          Probing the Signature of Disordering and Delocalization of Oxygen Vacancies and Anti-site Defects

           in Doped LaAlO Solid Electrolytes

          Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126, 20251-20262 (2022)

62.      Gupta, M.*, Rambadey, O.V.*, Sagdeo, R., Sagdeo, P.R.*

          Investigating the structural, vibrational, optical, and dielectric properties in Mg-substituted LaAlO

          Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 33, 13352-13366 (2022)

63.      Gupta, N., Kumar, D.*, Gupta, M.*, Srihari, V.*, Choudhary, R.J.*, Rai, S.K., Gupta, P.

          Role of Nb content in tailoring the microstructure and magnetic anisotropy of soft magnetic

          W/CoFeB alloy thin films prepared with varying the substrate temperature

          Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 910, 164930(1-11) (2022)

64.      Gupta, P.K., Singh, C.P., Mukhopadhyay, P.K., Bindra, K.S.

          Studies on passively Q-switched ytterbium doped all-fiber laser using fiber optic ring resonator

          Journal of Optics, 24, 054012(1-6) (2022)

65.      Gupta, R.*, Sangeeth, K.*, Gupta, M., Choudhary, R.J., Sagdeo, A., Singh, F.*, Gupta, A.*

          Magnetic properties of exchange-biased FeCo/CoO bilayer and its electronic structure

          Applied Physics A, 128, article number 342 (2022)

66.      Gupta, V.K., Ingale, A.A., Aggarwal, R.

          Novel use of selectivity of resonance Raman spectroscopy to study polytypism and mixed to pure

          phase conversion in individual InAs NWs on laser irradiation

          Applied Surface Science, 600, 154091(1-9) (2022)

67.      Gurukrishna, K.*, Mangavati, S.*, Rao, A.*, Poornesh, P.*, Petwal, V.C., Verma, V.P.,

          Dwivedi, J.

          On the high-energy electron beam irradiation-induced defects in CuSnSe system: an effort

          towards modifying the structure, microstructure, and thermoelectric transport

          Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 33, 22270-22280 (2022)


68.      Jadhav, A.P.*, Khantwal, N. et al.

          Synchrotron X-ray assisted degradation of industrial wastewater by advanced oxidation process

          Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 197, 110161(1-13) (2022)

69.      Jamal, M.S.*, Gupta, P., Raj, R.*, Gupta, M., Reddy, V.R.*, Kumar, D.*

          Structural and magnetic asymmetry atthe interfaces of MgO/FeCoB/MgO trilayer:Precise study

          under x-ray standing waveconditions

          Journal of Applied Physics, 131, 235301(1-7) (2022)

70.      Jangid, D.K.*, Makde, R.D. et al.

          Dithiophosphonate Anchored Heterometallic (Ag(I)/Fe(II)) Molecular Catalysts for

          Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

          Inorganic  Chemistry, 61, 13342-13354 (2022)

71.      Jangir, R., Srihari, V.*, Bhakar, A.K., Nand, M.*, Shukla, D.K.*, Jha, S.N.*, Ganguli, T.

          Wide-Band-Gap p-Type GaCrO:Ni Semiconductor: A Hole Transport Material

          ACS Applied Energy Materials, 5, 8629-8638 (2022)

72.      Jena, R.*, Chandrakanta, K.*, Pal, P.*, Abdullah, Md. F.*, Sahu, D.P.*, Kaushik, S.D.*,

          Sharma, R.K., Singh, A.K.*

          Role of manganite in enhancing dielectric cum magnetic properties of BTFO-LSMO composites

          Applied Physics A, 128, 153 (2022)

73.      Jogi, J.K.*, Singhal, S.K.*, Jangir, R., Dwivedi, A.*, Tanna, A.R.*, Singh, R., Gupta, M.*,

          Sagdeo, P.R.*

          Investigation of the Structural and Optical Properties of Zinc Ferrite Nanoparticles Synthesized via

          a Green Route

          Journal of Electronic Materials, 51, 5482-5491 (2022)

74.      Johari, K.K.*, Singh, M.N. et al.

          In Situ Evolution of Secondary Metallic Phases in Off-Stoichiometric ZrNiSn for Enhanced

          Thermoelectric Performance

          ACS Applied Materials& Interfaces, 14, 19579-19593 (2022)


75.      Kamalesh, T.*, Karuppasamy, P.*, Pandian, M.S.*, Ramasamy, P.*, Verma, S.

          Growth of large size Triphenylphosphine Oxide 4-Nitrophenol (TP4N) single crystal by

          Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy (SR) method for third order nonlinear optical applications

          Chinese Journal of Physics, 76, 68-78 (2022)

76.      Kaushik, S.*, Khanderao, A.*, Gupta, P., Reddy, V.R.*, Kumar, D.*

          Growth of ultra-thin Cobalt on fullerene (C₆₀) thin-film: in-situ investigation under UHV conditions

          Materials Science and Engineering: B, 284, 115911(1-7) (2022)

77.      Khan, S., Khan, S., Jayabalan, J., Khamari, S.K., Sharma, T.K.

          Role of Intra-Band Relaxation of Holes and Tunneling of Electrons in Carrier Relaxation in

          AlGaAs/GaAs Quantum Well

          Physica status  solidi B, 259, 2100329 (2022)

78.      Khatua, D.P., Singh, A., Gurung, S., Jayabalan, J.

          Excitation density dependent carrier dynamics in a monolayer MoS: Exciton dissociation,

          formation and bottlenecking

          Micro and Nanostructures, 165, 207205 (2022)

79.      Khatua, D.P., Singh, A., Gurung, S., Khan, S., Tanwar, M.*, Kumar, R.*, Jayabalan, J.

          Ultrafast carrier dynamics in a monolayer MoS at carrier densities well above Mott density

          Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 34, 155401(1-8) (2022)

80.      Khatua, D.P., Singh, A., Gurung, S., Tanwar, M.*, Kumar, R.*, Jayabalan, J.

          A comparative study of ultrafast carrier dynamics near A, B, and C-excitons in a monolayer MoS

           at high excitation densities

          Optical Materials, 126, 112224(1-6) (2022)

81.      Khursheed, M., Muguli, H.*, Chellan, R., Pant, B.C., George, J., Sengodan, S.R.

          Alternate method to measure transmission and internal losses in non-planar ring oscillator laser

          Optical Engineering, 61, (2022)

82.      Kim, H.T.*, Pathak, V.B.*, Hojbota, C.I.*, Rao, B.S.

          Laser wakefield electron acceleration with PW lasers and future applications

          Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 80, 670-683 (2022)

83.      Kiranjot, Dhawan, K.R., Modi, M.H.

          Surface and interface characterization of Ru/C/Ru trilayer structure using grazing incidence X-ray

          reflectivity and X-ray fluorescence

          Surface and Interface Analysis, 54, 52-58 (2022)

84.      Koner, S., Deshmukh, P., Ahlawat, A., Singh, R., Majumder, S.K., Satapathy, S.

          Effect of interface coupling between polarization and magnetization in La.Pb.MnO

          (LPMO)/P(VDF-TrFE) flexible nanocomposite films

          Journal of Materials Science, 57, 7621-7641 (2022)

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