A School with a Mission

School Rules & Regulations

  1. Attendance:

    75% attendance is compulsory for all the students to appear in SA-2/ Annual Examination. If a student is found absent without information to the school & without valid reason for more than 5 working days, his/ her name will be struck off the rolls. He/ She may be re- admitted provided the Pupil`s application for re- admission is considered favourbly . Re- admission will be considered with re-admission fees on any working day of the month. Till such time the student will loose attendance. Hence, it is for the benefit for the students that leave application duly countersigned by parent is submitted promptly.
  2. Library:

    Pupils of classes VI to XII have access to books, periodicals, magazines and newspapers in the Library. Pupils of classes I to V follow the class library system and the books are issued to the students from III onwards by the teachers and the primary section library in charge. Pupils are permitted to make use of the library during the long recess. Students are expected to take good care of the library books. It is strictly forbidden to write any remarks in a book or underline words. If there are such marks in the books already, they should be shown to the librarian on receipt of the books. In case, the book is lost or damaged, the cost will be recovered from the concerned pupils.
  3. Laboratory:

    1. The school provides well equipped science laboratories where pupils of classes IX to XII are required to do practical experiments.
    2. In these laboratories, pupils of the middle classes are also permitted to do practical experiments under the guidance of their teachers.
    3. Pupils must handle scientific apparatus and chemicals with extreme care and should strictly follow the instructions given to them by the teachers. Strict discipline should be maintained in the laboratory.
    4. Any damage to the apparatus or other laboratory appliances or furniture will have to be made good in full by the pupil or pupils who are responsible, as decided by the head of the school.