Laser based Instrumentation

The group is involved in design and development of laser based instruments for precision metrology and remote inspection in nuclear industry. Some of the instruments developed are Laser Uranium analyzer for trace measurement of uranium in water, laser scan gauges for the metrology of nuclear fuel, dip type probes for remote measurement of active samples, etc. The group is also involved in the development of nitrogen lasers for various spectroscopic and biomedical applications. As part of the XI plan the group is involved in the setting up of a facility for fabrication of micro-optics and micro-fluidic components for developing miniaturized laser based instruments in “Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MOEMS) Technology.” Development of various techniques such as laser 3D scanning for precision inspection, speckle interferometry for NDT of structural components and cavity ring-down spectroscopy for trace gas detection, are also being pursued.

Compact sealed-off nitrogen laser developed for spectroscopic instrumentation.

Dip type probes of different path lengths for remote spectrometry

UV LED based Uranium analyzer for trace measurement of uranium in water

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